New Year's gifts and tricks real estate agencies in Bulgaria

14.12.2010 19:46
Not all Christmas gifts are equally good. On the Bulgarian real estate market got a lot of Christmas offerings. The last two years have not been very successful for construction firms and agencies, but this does not prevent them from doing Pre gifts to clients.

This year's New Year concessions vendors is much less common, because the whole year 2010 in Bulgaria was "under the sign of discounts, like joking brokers.

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Some sellers are cunning, announcing the price of primary housing, excluding VAT. Meanwhile, the 20-percent VAT must be charged with buying a home under construction and before the expiration of five years after commissioning. Usually, the agency immediately include VAT in the price of the transaction.

At the same time, the imperfection of the Bulgarian Law on Protection of Consumer Rights allows unscrupulous agencies to manipulate buyers.

For example, a construction and investment company today announced the New Year's Eve reducing the cost per square meter to 420 euros. However, buyers need to be alert: The total price of the same square meter (VAT) will be 504 euros. The action extends only to some apartments on the first floor. It is a gated complex with shops, kindergarten, fitness club and other venues. On the Web site indicated that at the end of the action apartments will be sold at the regular price - 800 euros / m?.

Another firm announced the sale of apartments in the quarter Manastirski Livadi costs 499 euros / m, but again without VAT. With tax real cost of one square meter will rise to 599 euros.

Firms make a variety of Christmas gifts: for example, as a bonus, some offer a parking space.

Be careful when buying a house during the term of such programs. Perhaps in the new complex is not all right with infrastructure. It is not excluded that the developer delays with the time and did not have time to complete the necessary work.
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