New Year's Eve 2011 on the eastern calendar

03.02.2011 00:04
Articles about real estate | New Year  Traditionally, we celebrate New Year on the night of December 31 to January 1 and the beginning of the report believe chiming clock. But this is a European tradition, so to celebrate New Year's Eve tells us the conventional Gregorian calendar. It is no secret that he is not the only example, in China New Year celebrations begin somewhat later - in the days of the winter new moon.

Chinese or Lunar New Year 2011 has become increasingly popular among our fellow citizens. Indeed, why not point out one more holiday.

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For the Chinese New Year begins on the first day of the lunar month, and he is one of the major family events (in principle, just as we do). On this day men adorn the house, his wife prepare a festive table and the children look forward to gifts. In 2011, the Chinese New Year occurs on the night of February 3. It is from February 3, 2011 to begin the New Year holidays in China, which officially released 5 days. Unofficially, no one will work all of the 15 until the end the New Year holidays.

New for 2011 Feng Shui made to meet in a red dress - in China, this color is very respected. Among the gifts must be a coin, wrapped in red paper - the Chinese and give them to children and adults with wishes for health and welfare. And on the table let flaunt traditional Chinese dumplings tszyaotszy. Do not be alarmed exotic name of this dish, because in fact it differs little from the familiar pelmeshek - except that the original triangular shape so that the file they are usually with black bean or garlic sauce.

And if you decide to celebrate the New Year in the Japanese style, replace tszyaotszy the long soba noodles. This is our pasta - boring food for everyday life, but in Japan they symbolize wealth and longevity. Also, the traditional components of the Japanese New Year's table - round rice and bread made from rice flour, beans (as a symbol of good health), and, of course, seafood.

To celebrate the Japanese New Year 2011 you still need a glass of sweet sake and ... rake. Yes, you heard right, it rakes! This prosaic view of Japan kept as a mascot - to have something to rake in good fortune, when suddenly halt. True, the Japanese rake look much sleeker our - they are made of bamboo and decorated with hieroglyphics and intricate drawings.
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