New Year in style of feng shui

31.12.2011 00:15
Articles about real estate | New Year in style of feng shui Bringing the house cut down Christmas tree, we are changing some of Feng Shui home - albeit temporarily, but replaceable. Needless to say, that the Christmas tree with its lights and decorations is very Yang subject of our environment. It is for the better: Feng Shui prefer balance, but on the street reigns Yin: cold, darkness, stillness, a lot of frozen water ...

So to create for ourselves a bright, bright, cheerful atmosphere in the winter not only possible but necessary.

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Where to put the Christmas tree? Pointed shape and spines of this plant do not allow a mistake: in the south. Lights, garlands and colorful decorations suggest the same idea. Her radiance support fiery phoenix, and then the new year will certainly bring you good luck.

Do not drive to the crumbling condition of the tree, do not be greedy. Better to throw it early, not waiting until it becomes a symbol of celebration in support of necrotic information.

If you love to keep the tree for months - with the Catholic Christmas to Chinese New Year - please create artificial. Quality Christmas trees will be a long time, and mean little different from the real thing. A two or three green branches of pine forest will create the flavor.

To make a New Year's holiday was fun and memorable, a table with refreshments place in the west, in the zone of the Tiger. Make a wish (what a New Year's Eve without guessing desires?) Can be "visiting" the dragon, while the Tortoises ask for health and longevity.

If you can not find in your home free southern sector, do not worry! I'll tell you how to decorate the Christmas tree stands, if it gets into other sectors.

South-west. Tree is almost in place - that the energy sector of fire does not hurt. Often include a garland, the primary colors of toys let them be red and yellow. But the big silver balls is better not to hang. But miraculously fit in this sector figures of Father Frost and Snow Maiden, or even any couple under the tree.

West and north-west. Zaveste the Christmas tree glittering balls and bells, more brilliant, yellow and white, and a garland operate less often.

North. All the same balloons and bells, but more white, and blue-blue, a rain suit, but no candles, and garlands also included less often.

North-east. Almost all in the southwest. Only instead of paired characters hang on the Christmas tree toy - a small globe, help your children learn.

East. Let needles Christmas beauties will be the only thing that ukolet you in the New Year. Do not add to them a steeple top, icicles, etc., and a rain cover with needles and tinsel.

South-east. The same as in the east. Best decoration of Christmas trees - fish, coins, garlands "precious" beads.

We wish you well to celebrate this most beautiful day! And let the beautiful holiday will give rise to a successful year!
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