New Year in Kiev: how much rent?

29.11.2010 07:36
New Year renting an apartment or house in the capital has become more accessible: offers on the market longer and prices, though not essential, but lower than last year. And let the majority of the most interesting proposals have already been booked, if desired, you can still find very good alternatives.<br /><br /><strong>Apartment on New Year's Eve</strong><br />On the eve of New Year celebrations Expensive apartments by an average of $ 20 per day. As the director, Academy of Sciences "Best Realty" Jaroslav Hours, landlords rent housing for at least 5 days - from December 30 to January 3. And then from 4 to 8 January - at Christmas.<br />According to him, the average price of a one-room apartment on New Year's from $ 70 to $ 100 a day, "kopeck piece" for rent from $ 80-150.<br />However, the roll call of real proposals on the bases of ads showed that the people of Kiev offer apartments for New Year celebrations in the average price of 300 USD. ($ 38) per day. In this case, the owners are prepared to take shelter for a period of 2 days.<br />At the same time there is an interesting feature: the apartment in Kiev prefer to rent from other cities. "We're not renting apartments in the capital Kiev people, prefer a non-resident. There were many instances when, after our countrymen in the apartments needed to carry out major repairs," - told Ya Hours.<br />"This year, many owners do not rent an apartment on New Year's Eve. People are afraid of defeat, after which they will lose much more than earn," - said an expert on lease Love Savitskaya.<br />Ya Watch also noted that in a studio apartment lodge no more than 2-person and two-bedroom rent for accommodation is not more than 4 people. "This rule, for which we strictly follow, and the responsibility to the owners of flats", - told the realtor.<span class="content"><div align="justify"><p align="justify"> </p><p align="center"><img hspace="10" height="450px" width="476px" vspace="5" border="0" align="" src="" usemap="" alt="" /></p><p align="justify"> </p><strong>We go on nature</strong><br />Spend New Year in a private home with a fireplace, light the sparklers in the yard, and if you are lucky with the weather - and then play snowballs in this year also became more accessible. Although closer to the holidays, cheap deals disperse, leaving the owners of the deposit (usually a fee per night). Minimum rental period is usually - two days.<br />On Web sites, free classified ads if you want you can also find rental homes within the price of Kiev from 1700 to 15tys. UAH. per day. The houses have a swimming pool, fireplace room, and often even a sauna. One drawback: the small area and lack of "quiet seclusion with nature."<p align="justify"> </p><p align="center"><img hspace="10" height="450px" width="476px" vspace="5" border="0" align="" src="" usemap="" alt="" /></p><p align="justify"> </p></div></span>Another feature of rental homes in the city: at home rarely have more than 2-3 bedrooms. That is to celebrate a big company can be noisy, but sleep in normal conditions - is problematic.<br />So if you are going to celebrate New Year in a crowd of friends and / or colleagues, you'd better keep an eye on a house outside the city. It offers boarding houses, or mini, which are adapted for comfortable living 15 people or more, is sufficient.<br />Expert rental LA Savitskaya noted that the rental price for the holidays for the bustling corporate party or students - one, and for couples - another. In the case of a cheerful holiday corporate cost can be 2-3 times higher. Companies from 10 people the cost of rent can cost from $ 700 per day.<br />Valentine told the realtor that, in general, all areas in homes that are dealt out of town, mostly designed for fireworks, barbecues, etc.<br />This year, the discount for auction may be 10-15% of the cost. But it all depends on the length of the order: the closer to the New Year, the less likely to bring down the price. The average price of a well-equipped house for 15 people in a suburb of the capital - $ 500 per day.<br />The owners or brokers who rent property in the New Year, usually leave for the holidays and Christmas tree ornaments. So with the festive atmosphere will be no problems.<br /><em>Jan Dougan<br /></em> <br />
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