New Year abroad: Russians fleeing the winter in the mountains and the ocean

29.12.2010 16:45
Articles about real estate | New Year abroad: Russians fleeing the winter in the mountains and the ocean Not all Russians love to celebrate the New Year for the salad, preferring the snowy plains of homeland skiing or sunny beaches in exotic destinations - however, fans of foreign holiday faced not only with the problem of departure from the domestic airport, but the fact that the winter holiday season prices for the rental cabin in the mountains or a bungalow near the ocean growing up in a half, even two or three times, RIA Novosti reported.

Closer to the sun or snow

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Experts interviewed by RIA Novosti, agree that the most popular places for Russians to celebrate the New Year are the ski resorts or tropical countries. Moreover, some families "relocated" to warm not only in the New Year holidays, but for a longer period - while in Russia are cold.

According to the president of a real estate agency Gordon Rock Stanislaus Singel, the ski resorts are popular both apartments and detached houses.

"A lot of interested persons from all countries of Europe (English, French, Italians and so on). Europeans every year my family go to the ski resorts, usually during childhood holidays, and during this period, until January 2, is particularly difficult to find the options available , and prices are increasing due to high demand. But from January 2, the influx of Europeans is reduced, and it is quite possible to find cheap apartments or houses in European resorts, "- says Singel.

He adds that it is also popular vacation cottages in Scandinavia and in the warm subtropical and tropical countries.

"It is worth noting immense popularity in India, namely, the beaches of Goa. Basically, of course, there goes the youth, often for long periods - three to four weeks minimum. Peak travel to Goa - November to March, and fans of the rest call it" wintering, "- said the expert.

Rates in season: traditional appreciation

As explained by CEO of Penny Lane Realty George Dzagurov, the rent suburban real estate in the world, despite the fact that until the full recovery of economies affected by the crisis is still far in the season is gradually increasing.

"For those international resorts, where New Year celebrations are the high season, prices grow by 50-100%, while there are additional costs imposed in mind the supply deficit: for example, breakfast included, pre - two or three months as minimum - the order, confirmed in advance, rent for long, not less than 10 days time ", - says Dzagurov.

In doing so, he draws attention to similar rise in hiring foreign property traditionally: the prices determined for each period of the lease, and in most resorts, if the employer is not, a chalet just stand boarded up.

According to Singel, in the Austrian resort of Kitzbuehel in the hostel, situated in the spa town center and close to the lifts, it was possible to book apartments for two persons with a child with two meals for 50-60 euros per night. A chalet on New Year's Eve in the Tyrolean Alps in the company of 8-10 people can dispense from 1,6 thousand euros per week to 4.5 thousand euros per week depending on the location of the house and set of services offered.

A lot of cheap and comfortable housing for the New Year, in turn, can be found in Goa, indicates the agency.

"For example, an apartment in the so-called guest houses cost from $ 70 a week. The house is air-conditioning, hot water, kitchen, TV, service as a change of linen and cleaning. In Goa you can rent an entire villa for 6-8 people in the company worth from $ 350 a week, "- says Singel.

But in Bali, he said, prices are already above: the New Year holiday villa apartment for an average of 300 - $ 800 per night for a group of six people, and for 10-12 people renting will cost 1 - 3 thousand dollars.

"Peak season is from December 20 to January 10. Often at this time established minimum stay - 7 days", - stressed President Gordon Rock.

He acknowledges that the rate of short-term rental housing in the New Year period vary popular among Russians places is very strong.

"On average, the prices grow up in a half, and then 2,5 - 3 times ... The peak of accounted for between 24 December and 5-6 January, then the prices are gradually declining, the end of January, for example, 30-40 % "- says Singel.

Who cottage, and to whom the hotel

Experts note that the Christmas vacation abroad is popular among young people.

"It is always possible to find a budget version of the cottage, which can accommodate a large company. Also, the company rented an apartment in European countries", - explains Singel, adding that young families are also increasingly resorted to renting.

According to him, the typical tenant is always actively uses the Internet, and this allows him to find the best deals on their own, bypassing the agency, while the older generation prefers to spend holiday in hotels, buying trips through travel agents.

"For tenants are important comfort, proximity to entertainment, beach or ski lift," - says Singel.

Dzagurov adds that, despite the fact that foreign lessors do not make any special requirements for tourists, yet ignore local laws and practices of a particular market, "which is not always close to us and understand", totally impossible.

In particular, according to the Singel, when renting apartments and houses with the employer usually stipulate the terms of the lease (cleaning, linen, food, service staff) and sometimes he is asked to make a pledge.

"But a normal person, family problems usually do not arise," - encouraging Dzagurov.
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