New Strategy for Europe

19.01.2011 08:03
Europeans have dramatically changed their energy strategy. Its basic idea - independence from external energy sources (ie from Russia and Russian gas). In this regard at the national level a number of decisions that have dramatically changed the construction industry and the future of European real estate market.

Decision number 1. Energy conservation. Actively built homes that require a minimum of heating. To understand how, we must divide the heat loss of the average Russian or Ukrainian at home 25-30.

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Decision number 2. Energy independence. New homes receive energy from renewable sources - from the Sun and the Earth. No need to buy gas and coal to heat, releasing CO2. Modern home at virtually no cost generates electricity. Massively introduced solar collectors, heat pumps, electric boilers of new generation. The house is independent and autonomous from the government and suppliers. In the fashion now so-called passive houses or homes with zero power consumption. But this is not the limit. Already built experimental houses, which not only consume but also produce "extra" energy. They sell it in the common grid.

Home of the old buildings will inevitably and rapidly fall in price. They do not just go out of fashion, they are unprofitable. Thrifty Europeans to invest in a new home for several reasons. It saves money, it becomes independent, a qualitative change in their way and good habitat. After all, modern Eironams addition of technical equipment, integrated the environmental materials. In fact, this new quality of life, health and longevity.
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