New schemes of acquiring houses in the town of «Park House «

16.09.2010 05:04
Articles about real estate | New schemes of acquiring houses in the town of «Park House « What newspaper are not open, be sure to come across a mention of the global financial crisis, and mortgage banking in particular. What to do if you want to improve their living conditions right now? How and who arrange for this loan? At first glance, the market looks gloomy. But there is a solution! Read about innovative proposals cottage "Park House" in the Kiev region.

The real estate market never stands still, and some fluctuations in either direction occur regularly. According to experts in this area is now developed some degree of stagnation, although in general there is stirring up the situation by some media outlets. In fact, it's not that bad. Honest and professional real estate companies continue to work steadily, to adequately respond to new circumstances. Their main task to create the best possible comfort for their clients. Cottage town "Park House» (PARK HOUSE) - one of the few in the Ukrainian real estate market, who successfully copes with this task: the construction of houses here continues to enter their own know-how, consistent with the spirit of time and market requirements, and developing new flexible programs for customers.

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Buy here own a cottage today many will be affordable. Park House, or rather the company "Park House Invest, offers to take advantage of flexible payment system.

1. No banks: dispose a loan program with the primary contribution of 33%. In this case, the interest rate will be only 12% per annum in U.S. dollars. The buyer may pay the entire amount for the household (house and land) in equal installments throughout the year.
2. Special offer - "Three to 33%." Its essence is as follows:
Step 1. Is a contract booking and payment is made at a rate of 1% of the total cost of the cottage.
Step 2. Is a preliminary contract for the purchase of home ownership (house + land) and the payment is made - 33% of the total cost of the cottage.
Step 3. Is a general contract, under which 33% are paid in equal installments over six months.
Step 4. After entering the house in operation is the main contract for the sale of the house and paid the remaining amount - 33% of the total cost of ownership. The same amount you can borrow one of Ukrainian banks (JSCB Wed Ukrsotsbank, AKB "Forum", AKB Ukrprombank and others).
3. The system of TRADE-IN: an opportunity to exchange their "secondary housing" apartment housing in any area of the city of Kiev for a new cottage. The Company Park House Invest first in Ukraine presented a convenient system sales.
TRADE-IN - this is the option of buying a new home, where the buyer to the seller for its "shabby" flat as payment for a new cottage, but the price difference pays extra. In this case the buyer does not need to wait to be sold to his apartment - he gets a new home immediately. All the difficulties associated with updating and flat sales at home, takes on the aspect of the company. Vacate the apartment can be when we have finished all the finishing repairs to a new home. You save time and money. And there is no need to use their working days at the meeting on the sale of apartments.
Everything else, the buyer does not bear any additional costs such as payments for advertising, payment of agency commission, etc. And what with the safety factor! Buyer "Park House" will never become a victim of scams as well as to replace his old apartment at the same time he gets a house with land. In this case, all contracts shall be certified by a notary public in the official order strictly according to law.

After settling in a house, you change your lifestyle for the better. Before you open up new opportunities: clean air, clean water from their own wells, autonomous heating system. Next to you will only live a decent neighbors and you can be confident about the safety of your family, your children, your property and vehicle.

In addition to these objective benefits should pay attention to the economic aspect: In developing countries real estate is guaranteed to rise in price from year to year, but on the ground and private country ownership in particular, the price will rise much higher rates than the traditional urban real estate. This factor suggests that the suburban real estate as one of the most profitable investments.
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