New rules BTI slowed output of the real estate market crisis

10.06.2010 16:29
Changes in procedures for registration of ownership of real property and issuance BTI created chaos in the real estate market, impede its recovery from the crisis.<br /><br />This opinion was expressed by President of the Union of Professional Real Estate Oleksandr Rubanov, writes reporter.<br /><br />According to him, now to get help from the registry of property rights (issued instead of certificates characteristics), which is necessary for the contract of sale, you must wait about a month. "This is due to an increase in the number of procedures, tactics are needed to help with that also increases several times the financial costs of real estate buyers" - the expert said.<br /><br />"Market participants are often unwilling to commit to the obligations of such long-term pre-contract as the situation on the market is unstable, changes can occur at any time - as in one or the other way. On the other hand reference book in advance, before selling the property too inconvenient, since over time it loses its relevance, "- explained Rubanov.<br /><br />In his view, such innovations in the face of very low liquidity of real estate market, do not contribute to its development and overcoming the crisis.<br /><em></em><br />
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