New Riga became a leader in the number of settlements of business class

09.02.2011 19:20
Articles about real estate | New Riga became a leader in the number of settlements of business class Novorizhskoe highway is a leader in the number of cottage settlements among all the other aspects of the Moscow region. With 93% of households represent the business class, experts say MIEL Residential Real Estate. "

"Novorizhskoe highway - the most homogeneous in the building. On it are located mainly villages in business class. Their share in the range of 30 km from Moscow is 93%. The ratio of the towns business class with the cost of homeownership to millions of dollars and business plus the cost of ownership over a million is respectively 48% and 52%. The remaining small part of the townships (approximately 5%) - a residential complex class de luxe ", - said the managing partner of MIEL Residential Real Estate Vladimir Yakhontov.

On Novorizhskoye quite freely available site without having to contract for construction of an organized cottage. Thus, in the Middle Belt region of the maximum price of the lot without a contract is 36.62 for a hundred thousand dollars. Allotment of land has an area of 20 hectare and is located in the cottage "News" at 18 km from Moscow. At a distance of 30 km bidding price in almost all cases exceed $ 1 million, and it will house an area of 250 square meters. m

The most expensive proposal cottages on this road - the house in the village Velednikovo, 14 km from Moscow. Floor area - 400 square meters. m, under finishing, cost - $ 2.233 million settlement has an extensive infrastructure - from the community center and a beauty salon to school and bowling club. Most budget proposal up to 30 km from Moscow - a house in the village of "Swan Lake" on New Riga highway 14 km. The area of the cottage of 250 square meters. meters, cost - from $ 596.45 thousand
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