Monetary value of land taken in Odessa

29.03.2011 09:34
Articles about real estate | «New» monetary value of land taken in Odessa The whole of last year leadership of cursing the city government for the failures of the budget and for a low cost of land.

Odessa remained almost the only territory in the region where normative monetary valuation of land the city had not been revised since 1999. Although under the law it should be changed at least once every five to seven years. And at the end of last year, with the advent of a new team, city council finally approved a new monetary value, writes the Mirror of the week.

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But because the amount spiked, the authorities decided to introduce a new monetary value in stages. However, the municipal administration of the State Committee in Odessa refuses to comply with this order. As a result, land users, who decide to issue or renew the lease, after visiting the institution to the tax authorities do not reach. And together with them hundreds of thousands of hryvnia rent - to the city treasury.

Recall that in this year's 100% payment for land transferred to the city budget. Therefore, land for Odessa coffers - not only one of its main sources of content, but as it turned out, only her problem.

Ill-fated third paragraph

Decision of 28 December 2010 that the Odessa City Council approved the regulatory monetary value, contains a few items. The first item on the monetary assessment is approved. Second - it is effective from 1 January 2011, except as defined in paragraph third. And he says that to calculate rent and charges for equity participation in land-use evaluation of the new currency is introduced on January 1, 2012. And for 2011 should apply the old, the city council approved in 1999.

In the municipal government of the State Committee in Odessa, where economic agents shall issue a certificate of monetary evaluation of land were very brief: "In Odessa, approved a new assessment, and we give an extract from it. With regard to lease agreements, the issue is not for us, and to the management of land resources, the Odessa City Council. "

To date, local officials of the State Committee gave tenants more than 20 statements about the new money valuation, but the city can not use them. There can also be argued at a session of the land acquisition projects, revise the rent and so on. As a result, work with lease agreements in Odessa paralyzed.

In deciding, the city authorities proceeded from the fact that in today's challenging business environment drastic introduction of the new assessment, which is two to three times the inflated rents may have to budget the opposite effect. And lead to even greater debts or the destruction of small and medium-sized businesses. After all, today more than 6 thousand land in Odessa do not apply for registration of land rights. More than 40 tenants have more than 17,5 million UAH. debt.

Therefore the city authorities decided to start to develop a fixed, elevating the business rents based special purpose land. But this would require at least six months.

Pull the same with the approval of the new monetary valuation, for the development of which the city paid 1,5 million UAH., Would also be wrong. For payers of land tax for new money valuation (an average increase of 1.86 times) completely lift. After all, they pay on the size of 1%, and tenants - from 3 to 12%. Besides changing the size of the land tax, under the law, leads to a mandatory review of the rent (the percentage of monetary valuation of the land can not be less than three times the size of the land tax).

That is, increasing the land tax, the city received an additional reason to demand the revision of rent for those contracts where the amount of miserable. And with this in Odessa was wrong.

According to the Tax Inspectorate, in 497 contracts concluded in previous years, appears rents below 3% of the normative monetary valuation. For this reason, in the previous two years, the budget received less than 20 mln.

Today, between 65 and land has already received requests for revision of rent. But because of inconsistencies with the municipal government of the State Committee to make this impossible. As a result, the city budget had already lost about 5 million hryvnia.

Provincial officials have washed your hands

Problem was studied in the Odessa region administration. And last Friday it considered at its meeting on profile parliamentary committee of the regional council. But still no solution and could not bear. Judging by the statements of officials of the regional council and the administration, a situation complicated the city itself, therefore, to himself and to unravel.

Although the "entanglement", in fact, that local officials of the State Committee considered the decision flawed and recognize only the new assessment.

It is worth emphasizing that in January, the vice-mayor of Odessa, and Deputy Chief of the State Committee in the Odessa region gave a joint press conference in connection with the adoption of a new monetary value. Phased introduction of her did not cause any problems. Then the district tax inspectorate of Odessa in their explanations, too, noted its phased maintenance. Where did the problem?

Odessa has always irritated by the executive branch of their liberty have the proper management of land resources in the presence of urban management of the State Committee. Why not allow themselves to other cities. At the meeting, these notes are also sounded. Cited the facts that since January of this year neither the lease of the 18 filed in municipal administration of the State Committee was not registered. This 1,2 million UAH. rent. 31 document was returned. The treasury has already lost this 5,2 million UAH.

At the meeting of the parliamentary commission in passing a proposal was made - and not ask for help if in Odessa yurakademiyu there to give a legal assessment of the City Council decision? Very, among other things, it would be helpful.

International Humanitarian University (President - MP Sergei Kivalov) is a landholder of 3 hectares of land on the beach in the area of ??8-th station of Big Fountain. Private university is building apartments for the recovery of students and teachers and a sports complex - it is written in the "earmarking". However, to date the lease on 2.7 hectares (the size of the rent during the construction period of the order of 293 thousand UAH. - Is 3% of the normative value) is also not signed. The remaining 39 hectare located at the university in the property - as reported by our sources, by court order, adopted in 2007.

This is an example of what bringing order to the land issues is associated with a number of undercurrents. Especially for areas on the coast. A cheap rent is closely linked with the personalities of the tenants, their links, posts and so on.

For example, OOO "South" board for 90 hectare in an area Cottages Kovalevsky already given index is just over 25 thousand UAH. per year (less than 2% of the normative value). With this firm land lease contract for the construction and operation of the recreation center with a cafe and adjoining the city signed in 2004 for 49 years.

MP "Vlanev" 45 hectare under the sports complex in the 8-th station of Big Fountain pays 19 thousand a year (1.1%). A 30 weaving lease (paying 446.7 thous. Per year) are not enclosed.

But of "The Black Sea regional center for tourism, which at 3.1 ha more than one year raises the same
8-th station of Big Fountain multi-storey complex of private apartments under the name "Sea Symphony" (according to the documents - family health center) must pay (during construction), 336.8 thous. (4%). Now goes to the debtor. After commissioning, the rent under the contract, should jump to 1,5 mln.

In general, the who, how and how much to pay for parts of the coast - prelyubopytneyshaya theme. Last year, the regional governor instructed the tax administration to provide him with such report. Two months later, the author of these lines (after treatment in tax) to share the results more precisely, with reference to the two sheets. Neutral report on taxes and debt.

From the regional administration to make the information on the implementation of the governor general did not succeed. Of course, such information is in government there. But it was not for public use.

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