New loan programs and mortgage lending emerged in Kyiv

17.11.2010 12:56
Articles about real estate | New loan programs and mortgage lending emerged in Kyiv Credit Union COP Valadar has developed a new lending program for mortgage and consumer lending.
Consumer lending and real estate lending in recent years have been inaccessible to the public. Today we are witnessing the gradual resumption of lending products offered by financial institutions.
Due to the fact that the credit union "COP Valadar" is always responsive to market needs and offer innovative financial services to their customers, today has developed interesting programs lending to households, aimed at different income of our citizens.
The main problem why the financial institutions have not developed a credit program, there was a shortage of cash resources and a large outflow of deposits. The credit union, "the COP Valadar" such as the outflow of deposits, even in the crisis year of 2009 was not, but rather was an increase of the deposit portfolio. So this year the credit union's board decided to actively develop consumer credit programs.

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Now we offer you some of them:

1. Mortgage loans. This kind of lending may be interested in those who plan to purchase housing, automobile or other large purchase.

2. Mortgage loans for business development.

3. Unsecured loans. This type of loan is suitable for those who are planning small purchases, or repair of an apartment, buying furniture, appliances, study, recreation and more.
The maximum amount of unsecured loans is 50 000 UAH.
The maximum loan size for mortgages is 40% of the appraised value of the collateral.
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