New fraud scheme: a bloodless but effective

11.10.2010 15:20
Dmitry Kocherovu, another victim of "black realtors" lucky to survive.

Housing fraudsters now prefer not to go to the kidnapping and murder for the sake of someone else's property, but to actively use the services of police, then to cover himself in court, writes the newspaper Novaya Gazeta.

Thus, Dmitry Kocherovu, another victim of "black realtors" lucky to survive. But the one-room apartment on the street. Alexei Wild (District Perovo), he still lost. March 26, 2006 Kocherov returned home - and could not open the door to his own apartment. Unidentified people at a time while he was at work, crashed into the front door a new door. As it turned out, unknown people - a family Tunyakinyh of the Voronezh region. Mother, son and his wife.

Tunyakiny explained that nowhere in the apartment did not leave because all they are now the legal owners of residential space in the apartment - each owed by 3 square. m of living space. In the proof presented a contract to purchase 1 / 2 share an apartment owned by his half-brother, Oleg (after the death of his father brothers inherited his apartment for two.) Transaction has gone through a real estate agency "Moscow Lights" and was registered at Companies House.

By tunyakinskoy version, Oleg, knowing about pre-emptive right to buy his brother Dmitri belonging to him half of the apartment, sent to the mail notification. Receiving no answer, he washed his hands and sold the apartment Voronezh Trio.

Tunyakiny also reported that an autopsy and the seizure of the apartment they were performed in the presence of Cooper militia. Even presented his passport - issued by the perovskite passport offices on the same day when it was framed the purchase and sale of half of the apartments.

Dmitry Kocherov studded all the thresholds of police and prosecutorial offices, trying to convey to law enforcement officials that their area of jurisdiction of going straight blatant lawlessness. But no action followed.

Meanwhile Tunyakiny Kocherovu offered to buy out his share in an apartment - for next to nothing, as none of its now more expensive will not get. Kocherov refused. For this reason, it shared with scammers life day by day became increasingly intolerable.

This continued up until Igor Tunyakin one night is not attacked by Dmitry with a knife. Injuries Dmitry recorded in the hospital, but police have once again decided not to intervene in this "internal conflict".

It took another six months, and Dmitry Kocherov decided to go to court. As reported by Novaya Gazeta, all passed by him on the date the courts of a crime in action Tunyakinyh and notary Nina Goryainova to help them arrange housing, was not found. Kocherovu remains to apply only to the Prosecutor General. Otherwise, "the new scheme obkatchiki capture Moscow apartments may doubt the effectiveness of its main trump card - a bloodless," concludes the publication.
Novaya Gazeta
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