New formats cottage villages in the suburbs of Kiev

01.01.2020 00:30
The fact that the cottage complexes differ definite advantages over individual building, the virtually all potential customers. It's not even that investors offer a developed infrastructure, and the ability to immediately enter the ready house. This agreement is a big plus. Given the diverse needs of the Ukrainians, and saturate the market town real estate odnoformatnymi cottages, developers offer a new kind of suburban real estate, namely the cottage towns - MULTI. SPECIAL OFFER celebrate not only the developers but, in fact, the clients for whom are multi-format and cottage complexes.

What is attractive to developers?

The combination of housing of different sizes within a single cottage is explained in the first place, saving land and, consequently, increasing the number of houses built. The existence of cottage townships, in which the great "live together" as cottages and townhouses, is not a gimmick, but rather a reality of today's suburban real estate market. And in this undeniably has its advantages. Purchase of cottage includes a large land area, while the townhouses do not "push" of such claims. In the latter case, plots are modest, which allows to regard this country real estate as a business class or economy class improved.

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Construction of multi-format towns and interesting from the point of view that allows us to offer various options within the same zone. Thereby expanding the range of potential buyers, developers offer various options, which gives them an opportunity to assess the demand in various segments of the real estate.

What is the attraction of the buyers?

The buyer is also interested in purchasing a home in multiformat cottage area. This is supported by implementation of transactions of purchase of housing in these towns. First, acquiring a business-class housing, the consumer gets a well-developed infrastructure, the park area, the presence of sports facilities, playgrounds and game rooms, which is characteristic of cottage townships elite class.

Secondly, an improved layout and environmentally clean area also add a positive. Third, multiformat housing provides an opportunity to stay in close proximity to each other's relatives, friends or, say, place, service personnel, which is very convenient.

Dual-towns - the most recent proposals

Among the many villages of various formats are the most attractive dual-Villages, which combine the cottages and townhouses. This not only allows more efficient use of land, but offer virtually risk-free options for customers. In this case, houses are being built in the most attractive locations that are contiguous with the forests or water. Of course, the cost of this type of housing will be an order of magnitude higher than the townhouses that are more accessible and can be located either along the road or in a less picturesque places. But the price for them will be more accessible.

Examples of dual-towns abound. If we compare the level of housing, the dual-campus proposal is closest to the city shelter, so to speak his alternative. Firstly, because it is located near the city, and secondly, due to skilful combining country living with the comfort of urban housing. As an example, a sufficient number of villages: "Severynivka", "Misto Sontsya, Montana Village."

In addition to the market are the proposals, which consist of cottages and duplexes. Duplexes are a variety of townhouses and very comfortable for two families: relatives or friends. Among the options that combine taunhasy and duplexes can be Village Femili House

Trehformatnye towns

Trehformatnye villages still do not enjoy such popularity as a dual-format. As a rule, they represent a variant of apartments, houses and townhouses or villas, kottedzhzhey, townhouses. One example trehformatnogo settlement could be town "Sunbeam" and "Misto Sontsya" which combine apartments, villas and townhouses. Another option might be to town "Pinery" in Obukhov district He holds a cottages, townhouses and villas.

Proposals in the segment of two-and trehformatnyh settlements themselves are interesting because they provide an opportunity to the potential buyer a choice of housing in the desired class with complete infrastructure, road and utilities, landscaping and planned in the same architectural style homes.

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