New facilities will be built in the Kiev region for Euro-2012 «

12.09.2010 15:00
Articles about real estate | New facilities will be built in the Kiev region for Euro-2012 « The investment forum "Integration and Partnership", held in Kiev on the eve of all participants to submit their most profitable companies and projects, meet with potential business partners and to attract investment.

Among the investment projects, real estate specialists Socmart identified several interesting sites that will interest visitors to our site. To begin, we note that all investment projects submitted to the forum, without exaggeration, be called unique. If only because earlier this never been done. In addition, the lack of a standardized approach, as well as the presence of the original architectural solutions that are well thought out concepts and ideological sense makes them dissimilar to any other, and selects from the total. This informational article we will explain about the project hostel in Vasilkov and thematic "Park Kievan Rus'.

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Hostel - Euro 2012 plan to build 19 km from Kiev city Vasilkov.
On the territory of 3.6 hectares property developer wants to build a housing estate, one of the residential district in the period from 6.1.2012 to 07.01 .2012 plan to use a hostel. After completion of the football championship facility will be commissioned in the consumer, such as social housing. The idea to organize a hotel in a residential house came to us from the near the Soviet past, told reporters socMart CTO builder Galaychuk Drozdov. During the Olympics in 1980 the hostel one of Kyiv's high schools was used as a hostel for guests.

Theme Park Kievan Rus "
on 10 hectares of plans to recreate the ancient Kiev, which had existed in 5-8 century. City of Prince Vladimir, the cultural capital of East Slavic culture is implemented with. Kopach, Obukhov district. Certainly the creation of such an object in the Kyiv region contributes to the development of cultural tourism in Kiev and Ukraine as a whole, the tourism attractiveness of the Kiev region. In addition, the restoration of the ancient history of our city will be able to most vividly tell the world about the history of Kievan Rus. As a result of the completion of the project, we will see - 25 museums and exhibits, more than 5 churches, more than 10 thematic clubs, 3 business centers, the objects of social and domestic ... And this is just a short list of all sites within the park. Already today, "Park Kievan Rus" greet visitors every weekend, conducts mass celebrations, as well as scientific, cultural, educational and informative event.

Inna Frizyuk socMart
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