New Dream billionaires: yacht-island for 100 million euros

27.04.2011 10:00
Articles about real estate | New Dream billionaires: yacht-island for 100 million euros Companies Wally and Hermes began to build a luxury yacht, which will become a true "floating islands".

Producer of luxury yachts from Monaco, the company Wally, has teamed up with French fashion house Hermes to create an unusual yacht - this floating island.

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The yacht, the island will be 38 meters in length, and width - up to 30 meters. At the three-story boat house the room owner (200 square meters), a huge dining room for 20 people overlooking the sea, cinema, disco, six living rooms for 12 guests, several lounges and bars on every floor, a pool of 20 square meters and more.

But the "highlight" - a 20-meter-long beach on the first floor. According to the creators of the yacht, it is he is the main criterion by which a ship can be called the "island". After all, this beach is located on the water's edge.

Above the upper floor will be arranged a huge glass roof, which will allow the day to do without artificial lighting.

Maximum speed of the floating island is 14 knots (25 mph).

Now the yacht, the island is under active construction. It is expected to expire in two years. Its expected cost is 143 million dollars.

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