New distant suburbs

16.09.2010 07:59
Currently, the market of new buildings far suburbs (30 km from Moscow) is quite promising. After all, the housing market of Moscow is approaching stagnation. The question arises as to translate the same investment? According to experts, one of the most attractive segments are just new buildings far suburbs.<br /><br />To date, the potential of this new construction market is big enough. For example, the cost of 1 square meters of new housing in the distant suburbs on average 48,200 rubles.<br /><br />While in Yekaterinburg, the average price level has exceeded 60 thousand rubles per 1 square meter. Many, of course, believe that such a low price due to poor transport accessibility. However, it should take into account the fact that the number of roads and the quality of their performance will only increase. Under the already allocated federal and regional funds. Plans for development of roads in the Moscow region are painted before 2015. That's why it's safe to say that in the distant suburbs accessibility will improve with each passing year. At the moment, 1 square. meter in the middle distance suburbs is cheaper than Moscow suburbs at about 1.3 times.<br /><br />In this context, becomes an important question about what and where it is profitable to build in the far suburbs, as today, opportunities in this market segment a lot. For example, there are free sites for building. While in Moscow, as well as in the Middle suburbs is almost no place left to run "maneuver."<br /><br />To date in the distant suburbs, taking into account the case there is an object 141. At the same time in the homes of the average number of sections is 3.1. The average number of apartments in the object is 174. The average area of apartments is 65.7. The average apartment price is about 3,2 million rubles. The total volume of this market in the ruble equivalent of about 77.7 million. If the last of the indicators expressed in square meters, its value will be 1.6 million square meters. m<br /><a href=""></a><br />
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