New construction in the eye of a neighbor

17.06.2013 10:46
Articles about real estate | New construction in the eye of a neighbor Human life is associated with a particular territory. Home, office, favorite vacation spot - it's a comfort zone in which outsiders are directly proportional to how they behave. Sometimes quiet, sometimes aggressive, but always wary. From month to month, from year to year goes Statement Agafea Timofeevna it this way to the market, which makes the habitual purchase. ... And then out of nowhere - a fence. And then some technique, some machines. Heap. Rumbles, puffs, grinds. Bypassing them now. And well, if the grandmother in six months here to open low-cost food stores. And if you build a house? And if Agafi Timofeevna cellar was at this place before. Yes grandson put the car on the parking lot or in the garage.

The disadvantages? It is an understatement! ..

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Development company in the normal course of business necessarily faced with such a situation. Headed by me "Avantage" operates in the primary market of Kharkov real estate, but I know that the problem of the perception of housing developer the same in all regions. And it is very relevant for the capital.

I remember our first projects - 2003-2005 years - every time the war. Assembly disgruntled tenants who do not want to hear about any construction site. Scandals. Threats. Appeals to the title documents and permit documentation - is not working. Exhortation, they say, look, in Europe to build residential high-rise buildings, nose to nose - there is the usual thing - even more angry.

In this blog, ladies and gentlemen, I want to share the experience of how malevolently minded Kharkiv company Avantage has to itself, and some of them converted to the future residents of new buildings.

We had two ways. The first - to behave in isolation, keeping his distance. There are legal grounds to do what we do? So, we will work. Second - to present themselves as friendly neighbors, who are just like real buildings tenants want to feel comfortable in a new place of residence.

Choosing the way of publicity - "Avantage", by the way, one of the first in Kharkov attended the creation of the press-service - we could not stick to a double standard. We need (and want!) And be open to the press, and in communication with the residents of the city, which "lucky" to live side by side with our construction project.

By building relationships with future neighbors we treat as carefully as to the choice of the architectural appearance of the building and its technical equipment.

To do this, we have professional consultants with whom we work for several years. They are specialists DÉfense Agency (Defense) and Kirill Nagorny Yana Chumak. They work for us to do, but it is always recommended course of action, which we must follow in order to find common ground with the residents of the area.

The decisive factor that persuaded to cooperate with them was the phrase: "We know both of those who are against the construction, make the future buyers of apartments in the new building." We got to the point. The research that we are doing at the Kharkov real estate market show that a large proportion of Kharkiv buy a new home within a radius of 15-25 meters away from the house where they now live. Especially if the parents are looking for an apartment for children, or vice versa. Therefore, to consider the residents of the area, where there is a building, as potential customers, we saw robust grain, saw sales.

The right way to deal with the problem - to understand it. At the root of the unfriendly attitude of Ukrainians to build is the fact that since the building boom in the USSR, large-scale construction of housing in the country was not conducted. People have forgotten that this is a normal familiar situation, when the city grows and develops. What is it like road repair. For some time you need to go around the other way, but then you will go on a good smooth asphalt.

How do we decide started to be friends with future neighbors? The particular case - in today's terms - which I want to share, associated with the construction of a residential house on the avenue Kosior. Kharkiv know that this region HTZ. Neighborhood undeservedly forgotten Kharkov builders. Over the past 15 years in this area, there are three new building, a fourth is under construction. All these objects, "Avantage".

Before going on, "Kosior" area we thought we already had a good reputation in this area. The company has built two novstroyki: Oshchepkova the street and down the street Second Five-Year Plan. The second house with early surrender - introduced a year earlier! Yes, even in a crisis. In fact (and this is confirmed by research), Ukrainians are interested construction companies and their objects only in the choice of housing in the primary. And this is an average of once every 20-25 years.

We had to get acquainted. We have identified for themselves the territory, with a radius of fifteen minutes away and sent residents of the houses of the neighborhood a letter written on behalf of the president of the company "Avantage" Anatoly Denisenko.

In the individual treatment it was about what we as a developer of residential complexes know and love the area HTZ. The area in which they live good, friendly, hard-working Kharkov. We are told that the company has already built two new building and plans to build at least two more in the area. Under construction on the developer IFC shifted duty replace old networks, leading to a new home. We in the letter did not hesitate to point out that a lot of money invested in the renovation HTZ networks that have not been repaired for decades. Also, a year before the start of construction company "Avantage" took part in a large-scale reconstruction of the park, and recreation zones around the temple, which was built in honor of the patron saint of the city of Kharkov - the Holy Martyr Alexander, Archbishop of Kharkov. There we helped appliances and building materials, and now this park is one of the most beautiful and well-kept holiday destinations in the city.

The aim of the letter was to show that we are going to be good, good neighbors and try to reduce the inconvenience of the ongoing construction work to a minimum. We solved it.

Of course, the letter mailing cost some money. But taking the first step forward, we have improved the attitude of people to our site. Residents of nearby houses, though not with joy, but sympathetic to the building. After this good practice, the implementation of nearly every object Company anticipates this kind of communication.

In a greeting letter it was also a commercial result, which was not the main goal, but we had hoped - apartments for sale in the new building. Within three weeks of the mailing, we signed five agreements in which both motivating customers to purchase the said letter from the president of the company.
Eugene Iosilevich Director, Avantage

Mass reorientation of citizens to the suburbs has always hindered by three factors: the weakness of infrastructure, transport problem and a psychological barrier (to move as much of the entire capital into some village - it is for someone almost tragedy).

Now it has become more difficult with the finances of the people. Reducing the cost of housing capital in full is not compensated. That was an additional reason to draw their attention to the vicinity of Kiev, where you can find a cheaper offer. What happens to the budget housing in suburbs of Kiev, and that there can be selected a person with limited financial resources, we were told the head of realty company "Golden Gate" Alex Holmetsky, a leading specialist of marketing department consulting company SV Development Sergey Kostecki and realtor Ruslan Marusyk.


The crisis has done his good deed: in the primary market of Kyiv region there were suggestions that can be called a truly affordable housing. It tells Ruslan Marusyk, there are even options for those on a budget. That's what you would say in more prosperous times, when they heard that for $ 10 thousand. You can buy a separate apartment near Kiev? And not somewhere on the edge of the world, and 6 km from Kiev, in a location with good transport accessibility (specifically - in the village of Peter the Great)?

And not even at the stage of excavation, leaving in infinity of construction, and in the house, which should be delivered before the end of this year? True, the apartment was small (26 sq. M, at a price 8900 UAH per "square" gives a price of 231 thousand. UAH) and is located on the ground floor. The cheapest apartment in new building we still could not be found. Her little sister smaller area on the "overground" floors have been going to 11 500 UAH (in the end it turns out almost 280 thousand UAH.) And two-bedroom - 10 900 UAH per square meter. m, with an area of ​​58 square meters. m results in 632 thousand. UAH.

If you want even closer to the capital, in Sofia Borshchagovka (and it is almost Kyiv) has a wide selection of apartments in the residential complexes of 12-14 thousand. UAH per square meter in homes that need to be put in this year.

CHEAPER. But the square meter can cost less. For example, what do you think about 7500 UAH per "square"? Full 1-bedroom apartment of 44 square meters. m, thus, worth 330 thousand. UAH. This is despite all that put decent building: counters installed hot and cold water, heat, electricity; .. Double glazing, armored door, individual heating system, etc. However, there are two circumstances: the new building is much farther away from Kiev - in Irpen - and it should be built up to the end of 2016. In general, the logic of the market is as follows: all else being equal, a greater distance from Kiev and later deadlines for new buildings markedly reduced prices.

SALE. Enumerate sentences with unprecedentedly low for the previous measures, the prices of apartments in the suburbs novstroykah can be a long time. Says Alex Holmetsky, house prices fell throughout the market - and in the city and in the suburbs. "The market price for the primary forms in demand Today, the demand for housing such that the buildings developers can not sell their apartments, and therefore lowered the prices of apartments in them, -. Tells Holmetsky -. But they have a turnover of Let not that business profitability. as before, but they did not stand, do not freeze the construction site and not lose confidence. and confidence today is worth a lot. If it's construction company with far-reaching plans, even in the negative, but they will continue to work to attract new investment. this absolutely normal strategy. "


There is another factor explaining the low prices for apartments in new buildings.

"Buying a home in a newly built house - it is always a risk and this risk today for give discounts for apartments more than yesterday." - Explains Alex Holmetsky.

According to observations by Sergei Kostetskii, in the past few months, people have lost confidence in the primary housing market: even among the biggest developers suburbs lacking those who, if not completely stopped the construction of its facilities, then it slowed down markedly. "If before the flats frame up for 4-5 months, now, look, and the year of construction", - says Sergey Kostecki. This slowdown conjures up thoughts about what the builder of suburban real estate is not enough money. And indeed, with bank financing is now immeasurably more difficult than before, and in fact in the best years of a loan was not easy. "Banks lend to construction projects of new building reluctant: they are so overloaded with distressed assets", - says Kostecki.

Developers of new buildings near Kiev can only hope for themselves and buyers. And many can not resist the temptation to sell a house near Kiev at the stage of excavation at the lowest cost to the money collected for the complete construction of a new building early. So, in fact, built up "pyramid" like observed before the crisis of 2008, but even then was the growth of the market.

"Sometimes it seems that the decline in housing prices in new buildings, some companies are not worth the long-term strategy, - says Sergey Kostecki -. Day to hold on, but we'll see."


Proposal for new buildings of Kyiv region is huge, there is an apartment modern, fresh, and less expensive than in the secondary market. It would seem, then what chance have the secondary? But it was not there. "If last year the number of transactions in the primary was over, but now the other way around", - says Sergey Kostecki. And not only at higher risk. The second factor, leveling the attractiveness of the cheapest offers in new buildings near Kiev, as pointed out by Alex Holmetsky is the cost of repairs:

"In almost any new apartment prostetsky repair will cost about $ 10 thousand."

Those. cheapest apartment for $ 10 thousand, plus almost as much for repairs -. and it looks not so appealing. "We recently sold on the secondary housing in Poznyaky apartment of 30 sq. M for $ 23 thousand. Yes, she is no European-quality repair, but it is possible to call and live. This is for the people is very important."

SENTENCE. According to Sergei Kostetskii, the secondary market suburban real estate is developed only in cities such as Brovary, Boryspil, Toompea, cherry. "Although the secondary housing is bad, but the number of transactions gradually goes up, for example, in Brovary to 200 transactions per month -. This is comparable to the activity in Kiev to buy, mainly ekonomzhile transaction price -.. From $ 800 to $ 1 thousand per square meter. . ".

And the cheapest apartment on the secondary housing, we found in s. Tarasivka under Brovary. For this property to 34 square meters. m asking $ 11.5 thousand. and willing to bargain. In Brovary themselves in the city center you can buy Dormitory area of ​​22 square meters. m for $ 17 thousand., for $ 20 thousand. yedinichku offer (29 sq. m). And if you become generous at $ 32 thousand., You can become the owner kopeck piece (46 sq. M) in a good location. We can take a look and on the opposite suburb of Kiev - Bucha: here 2-room apartment of 46 square meters. m is offered for $ 26 thousand, and three rubles 60 m -. $ 35 thousand.

"Secondary housing." This market is increasingly the primary - less risk and often need repair.


His house, as a rule, implies a higher quality of life than an equivalent level of comfort apartment in a high-rise building. Even if there is a formal area of ​​the same, the actual space available to house still more than the owner: even a small, but their plot of land, parking place hozpostroek, and neighbors outside the fence "under pressure" is far less than in the multi-storey "hive". Accordingly, the house should cost significantly more than flat. Nevertheless, the market needed affordable homes. And if so, then they appear.

THE SIZE. The most obvious way to cheap house - do it as little as possible. And now in the vicinity of Kiev have some cottage towns, where the structure of the proposed area of ​​48 square meters. m (may have masterpieces of miniaturization and smaller, but we are not caught in the eye). In these limits the architects managed to squeeze as many as three rooms: two bedrooms of 9.2 m². m, and the kitchen-living room area of ​​13.56 square meters. m. There is also a corridor of 4.6 sq .m, WC (2.98 sq. m) and terrace 8.48 sq. m. Another project, proposed in the suburban villages, with a total area of ​​50 square meters. m, houses a living room-kitchen area of ​​29 square meters. m and a bedroom of 11.6 sq. M. In addition: a bathroom (3.85 sq. M), vestibule (5.5 sq. M) and a porch area of ​​2.95 square meters. m. On the one hand, such as not particularly razmahneshsya. On the other hand, says Alex Holmetsky, it's still not at all 1-bedroom apartment (which, as we shall see, these houses are comparable in price). And we must not forget that these lodges are attached land plots of 5-6 acres. And, of course, there are many options for the size of more houses.

PRICES. The second component is cheap - it is appropriate construction technology. Most often the cheapest houses erected on the so-called "Canadian" technology, it is also "panel frame" (first erected timber frame of the house, and then he "stitched" wall panels). Besides cheapness, it has a number of other advantages (home receives a warm, with good sound insulation, environmentally friendly), is widespread in North America, Europe and Japan, but, as pointed out by Sergey Kostecki, quite unusual to our common people, and why not a special demand .

For example, a house in 48 "squares" in the cottage, 26 km from Kiev offered for $ 23 thousand., If build on Canadian technology, and for $ 30 thousand., If build from aerocrete.

And there is already about $ 31 thousand, and in the town of aerocrete 6 km from Kiev domik- a "Canadian." - Almost $ 42 thousand.

"Canadian". It has many advantages, but we are not popular.

TOWNHOUSES: a private entrance, porch and LAND

A common way to make the world a country house even cheaper - logic interlock in his townhouse. Modern townhouse is an elongated building, consisting of several multi-level apartments, each with private entrance and porch. Each apartment is also given a small plot of land - in most cases in the range from 0.5 to 2 acres. It is obvious that to build such a structure will be cheaper than a number of separate houses of the same quality and the same area. And the savings increase with the number of apartments in the same house. This prudence but to strengthen the use of "Canadian" technology! But then on the way it raises the already mentioned discrepancy our traditions. Therefore, says Ruslan Marusyk, taunhasov constructed by panel-frame technology, offer little. At the very least, far less than built of aerated concrete or brick. The second reason why the price of rare town house can be called a real budget - is that they are relatively rarely made with small apartments.
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