New buildings will be $ 500 per «square»

04.11.2010 12:46
Articles about real estate | New buildings will be $ 500 per «square» Cabinet promises in 2 years to build a very cheap apartment, they can be bought on credit

The authorities promise to finally give the Ukrainians a cheap roof over your head. As the press service of the President, the country has launched a project "Affordable housing". Its essence - to ensure square meters of all who need them, but the income is not eligible for free housing from the state and can not buy on credit. In the first phase (2011-2013) built in six obltsentrah one "presidential quarter" (as will be referred to location of new building) on 1,120 apartments each, at a cost of 1.5 million USD. (See infographics). According to the head group to draft Vladislav Nikolayuk, the program is not implemented in state funds and loans for the construction of foreign holdings by 2.12% per annum in foreign currency. "They're taking money under the guarantee of their insurance companies, enter into an agreement with one of our state banks (Oschadbank" and "Ukreximbank." - Author.), Which gives credit to state enterprise "Affordable Housing, created in November 2010", - explained he said.


4,000 per square meter. It is planned that the selling price of 1 square. m is 4000 UAH. at a cost of 3500. This means that, for example, "unity" would cost $ 19,000, which is three times cheaper than now is the same in Kiev, and 1.5 times higher than in Kharkov and Lvov. As we clarified spokesman for Deputy Prime Minister Viktor Tikhonov (in charge of construction) Hope Petrunyak, to ensure that these apartments are not rich people have bought for resale, it is necessary to adopt a law "On providing citizens with affordable housing, which filed a second reading, and where clearly stated to whom such housing is necessary. If you build a house up to 2013 in 6 obltsentrah, then in 2015 the first construction to start in the remaining obltsentrah. For 30 years, want to pass the 300,000 apartments. 50-70% of property value paid by the citizen, with the money he can take a soft loan (the larger the amount, the lower the interest). The rest pay the state. Experts are cautious in the estimates. "This low cost is possible only in model projects, and provided that local authorities will provide free land, building permits and expense of communication fail," - said the spokesperson of the construction companies' Mіskzhitlobud Galina Bogdanenko.

Alexander Panchenko
Source: "Today"


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