New and secondary housing: where there are more pitfalls?

06.09.2010 19:25
Articles about real estate | New and secondary housing: where there are more pitfalls? Traditionally it is considered that the purchase of new buildings - a risky business, especially in times of crisis.
However, the deal with the secondary housing one hundred percent safe can not be named. At that pay special attention in both cases.

Secondary housing: studied history APARTMENTS

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The main plus is well known housing - its owner, you become immediately after registration of the transaction. You can get registered and to carry things. This is a very important moment for the alternative transactions (where an apartment is sold and bought). As usual for the contract sold housing should be released by a certain date.
Also, you do not buy a pig in a poke. You can pre-view and very flat, and the state court and the entrance, and the alleged neighbors.
However, there are minuses. History of the apartment may not be completely "clean". It is necessary to verify all series of transactions that occurred with this housing (including privatization), for compliance with the law.
At these points we should pay the utmost attention.
Is the seller of the apartment is its owner. If the dwelling is sold under power of attorney, you should insist on a personal meeting with the real owner. Consider, if you under any pretext, do not show the original documents - only copies. In this case, it may take a prepayment from several potential buyers, and then simply disappear along with all the money. And it turns out that he is to this apartment had nothing to do.
Sufficiently dangerous option - when you are offered an apartment on behalf of a person in a long assignment abroad. On the one hand, seems to be beyond reproach - to come to talk in person a man really can not. On the other hand, the check is alive and well if this "detached" and how pure his intentions, very difficult. In addition, power of attorney is not effective if the principal be unable to work or are in the lists of missing persons. Where possible, these transactions should be avoided.
Make sure that the real owner is in good health, not suffering from severe chronic diseases (in which he can "nedotyanut" until the completion of the transaction), alcoholism, mental disorders and general legal competence.
Also it is necessary to make sure that no other owner or spouse, who oppose the deal. A clearly stated on the seller's housing members of his family are ready to be discharged on a voluntary basis, without scandals and trials. Problems might arise in the case, if the seller is divorced and has a court decision on the selling price. Then one of the spouses has no right to sell the apartment without the other.
Be sure to check to see whether the privatization of apartments deprived of property of the minor children. And if housing is obtained in inheritance - the other possible heirs.
For minors should be a positive decision the board of trustees.
Compare Plans BTI (by the way, look how long it was issued) with a real plan. Perhaps, you are trying to hide unformed reconstruction.
By law, any redevelopment must be legalized. Given that the cost of legalization redevelopment is about 10-15% of the market value of the premises, then the redevelopment can bargain up to 30% of the price. It is often ruined walls have to rebuild.
Suppose you are in any case alert:
If a relatively short period of time (a year or two) apartment resold several times;
if the normal seems to be housing for sale at a price substantially below market.
Either a flat there are some hidden drawbacks or not all the pure with the documents.

The new housing history there, but it still needs to get into property. What will happen not earlier than the house will be completed and adopted by the state commission.
If you put money in funds for financing construction, when they enter into contracts with buyers, distribute funds and oversee construction company that works, remember that all calculations are carried out exclusively in non-cash. It is also forbidden to provide the latest money to build housing developer to obtain all permits, giving the right to build. The most unpleasant thing here is that the buyer acquires no real estate itself, which at that time not yet exist, and certificates of the fund. These he later exchanges per square meter in the new house.
The second method of purchase - trust bonds issued by the developer. Upon completion, the developer repays the bonds, giving customers the possession of the housing, providing the necessary infrastructure. In this case the contract should be clearly spelled out what the house where he planned, as well as the dates on completion. If the company is in the process of construction will announce a default, bond holders can expect a refund only amounts equivalent to the nominal value of securities.
At that special attention.
There is still relevant "collect dossiers: determination developer experience, reputation, relationships with authorities (contracts with these entities are considered signs of reliability of the company), etc.
Check the credits there any bank that construction. If a major financial institution willing to finance the purchase of the facility, even without additional collateral, it says that it has with the developer enters into a financial-industrial holding company or a bank monitors the progress of construction.

Learn about the reputation of housing for sale
We demand an extract from the passport office. Checking who is discharged, when and under what circumstances. The maximum period for which you can get a statement from the house is 20 years. Concern issued: temporarily drawn, issued by the court, persons who are missing.
Documents from the housing department. All utilities, telephone, gas, electricity must be paid. We get there an extract from a personal account.
We talk with the neighbors and discover the history and reputation of the apartment.
Take the time to take a deal roulette and measure all the rooms. Sometimes there are errors in the data sheet. There are cases of excessive space on the plans.
We demand that the seller is a fresh certificate from the psycho-neurological clinic - it will confirm its viability. The same is desired by all owners. Very good, that he was not disabled. There have been cases where the seller has filed a lawsuit in which I said that collecting money for an operation, and the court admitted that the apartment was sold in exceptional circumstances, and the deal is terminated.
The notary checks for restrictions on alienation of property. Property may be subject to litigation, to be in the authorized capital of a legal entity or on bail.

Engrave AND SAVE!
What documents should have a builder?
On request the company-builder must submit:
registration certificate and articles of association;
license issued by the Ministry of Construction, Architecture and Housing;
certificate from the tax that this legal entity pays taxes;
license to engage in construction activities;
development project, approved by the authorities of Architecture and Construction Supervision (package of technical documentation: building floor plans, project documentation);
State Act on ownership of land or land lease;
permission to build a specific object in this area, issued by the executive authority;
Finally, a comprehensive investment expertise of the project construction.

Before you sign a contract, take one of his specimens home. Read all the items. If that something has caused you a question, take this document lawyer. The fee for professional advice, is likely to be minuscule compared to the cost apartments, and hence the potential risk.
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