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02.12.2009 15:43
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Taisiya Povaliy on stage for 18 years. Having won fame not only in their homeland, the Ukraine but in Russia, Taisiya constantly on the move. The singer, like her husband, Igor, houses are very rare. It is more valuable to their home comfort, and with so much care they are engaged in arrangement of "family nest".

- Taisa, you and your husband live outside the city. This is a policy decision - to leave the city limits? In the city you something does not suit?

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- You know, there were many reasons to move out of town. First, urban noise and overcrowding. The city is difficult to find solitude, and yet extremely important to me from some inspiration. Here is everything that I need - and nature in the first place. I love to sit in the evening on the porch in a chair, blanket wrap and rest of the tour. I think that in this I would support any artist. Peace and quiet - that's what I need. By bustle of the city, we do not miss - we are working there, I am speaking, the husband is engaged in producing, so that neither tired of the noise or missed him, we simply do not have time.

- You like it big house? Perhaps you have been closely than an apartment?

Picture: Nevozdushnye locks professional exam for themPovaliy_dom-No, we had a fairly large apartment, there is now our son lives. And when I first saw this house is fully ready, it seemed huge. And this despite the fact that we built it ourselves, watching the whole process from the inside, so to speak, he grew up before our eyes! Generally, the house I liked: there was finally able to create even his own dressing room! Women, I am sure will understand me. Especially where I keep not only their everyday clothes, but also stage costumes, which are vast. We did and so-called fireplace room and a separate gym, and several bedrooms ...

- You yourself planned interior space at home, come up with a design or used the services of an architect and designer?

- It's all been very difficult. And this is understandable: in this matter is better not to hurry and think through every detail. Of course, we have invited professionals, but do not let things slide, and sat at a round table, discussing every detail. It is very important - we've been here to live. But when all was ready, we could not resist and started buying furniture and other objects, it is not in accordance with the idea of home is not suitable for the walls or curtains. We all do as we like, and not as a designer, we advise.

- And what the idea was at the house originally?

- Yes, she remained, in essence, adding only a few large Chinese vases. In fact, we wanted to create a very warm in color decision accommodation in a traditional classical style, interspersed with antique detail, tulle, without screaming and overly saturated colors. But so that it looked very modern. The main task - in this house all households should relax, feel comfortable and calm. This kind of "quiet style", so to speak.

- Share your secret, what materials, what parts were used for this?

Picture: Nevozdushnye locks professional exam for themPovaliy_piano-for the walls we have, for example, used wood and stone. Moreover, these stone "insert" leave the impression of gravity or excessive monumentality, cold. I found them immensely. As in the castle!

- But in the castle, however, must be relevant and accessories ...

- Well, of course, should. However, no knights' armor and medieval shields with swords we have. But Igor collects a number of antique weapons. It was worth some crazy money, but it's not the point. And, incidentally, I found that the weapon, as it may seem, can add a home personality. Create comfort in the end!

- With regard to personality: I do not want something to change? It involves continuous development of individuality ... the more that fashion, too, is not standing still.

- I think that fashion is all the more dynamic entity than the individual. Last - is your character and internal rather than external appearance. Well, looks very dependent on what happens inside. So, of course, to change something from time to time you want, but this is an internal necessity, not fashion. We could do a house in the style of hi-tech or even build a destroyer of some metal with round windows. Now many people something, unusual, love to do. And it is their right. And we have all the easier - veranda recently remade. Invited builders, explained how we want to see everything, and flew away to rest. Frankly, I had enough and one construction - can no longer among the sacks of cement stroll. You pass by a warehouse, or tile derevyashek different - and the concert! No, I do not want to.
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