Near Zhitomir build a cottage for 10 houses.

18.06.2014 00:00
Articles about real estate | Near Zhitomir build a cottage for 10 houses. The site of the City Council placed a notice of initiation of the review and consideration of public offerings in the project planning documentation "A detailed plan of the location of low-rise residential buildings and manor in the street. Korostyshiv, Professor Artsyhovskoho fare in Zhytomyr. " The aim of planning documentation is the use of the territory for the purpose - the area of ​​low-rise residential buildings and manor, in accordance with the current General Plan of Zhitomir (approved by resolution of the city council 16 23 convocation on 26.12.2001. № 266).

Project planning documentation developed private enterprise "Ideal Centre" custom urban planning, architecture and design of the urban environment of the city council.

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The basis for the drafting of the planning documentation is a solution of Zhytomyr City Council of 30.05.2013 № 556 "On permit citizens on production of land use and permit drafting of land use to land allocation."

The main technical and economic indicators for the master plan:

- Site area within the design - 1.2895 ha;

- Total area of ​​plots for construction and maintenance of residential homes, commercial buildings - 0.9562 ha;

- The area of ​​a plot for the construction and maintenance of residential homes, commercial buildings: 0.0900 ha - 0.1000 ha;

- Number of sites - 10 pcs.;

- Floors -2 fl.;

- Estimated population - 30 people.;

- Population density - 22 people / ha.
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