Near Omsk, planned to build a large cottage village

23.07.2010 12:24
Near Omsk, planned to build a large cottage village. At 450 hectares will place 1,700 single-storey houses with all the necessary infrastructure for life. The customer intends to sell the finished home on social prices. Draft settlement on July 22 approved Gradsovet Omsk region.<br /><br />Draft cottage village fulfilled Institute Gorstroyproekt "commissioned LLC KCM Siberian concrete." This duo has worked on the buildings of the elite residential complex Stargorod. "But if that was aimed at affluent buyers, the new site prepared for social housing.<br /><br />Under the new cottage village allotted land the right bank of Omi at 15 kilometers from the city center - in Andrew's settlement. The developer has already spent all the preparatory work: held a public hearing and turned the land from the category of "agricultural purposes" in the "land settlements".<br /><br />"This market is attractive for development because that there is a concrete and brick factories, - noted the director of the Institute clarified" Gorstroyproekt Tatiana Stolbova. - That is a main base for the construction. In this case, according to the designer of the factory area housing will separate 150-foot sanitary-protective zone, which ambush trees and shrubs.<br /><br />Land for building a fairly large area - 450 hectares. The architects, there will not separate household at home, and complex building, a cottage community. In the center of an extended area will be the boulevard along which the projected schools, kindergartens, sports complexes, shops. On either side of him will be sliced sections of 8-10 hectare. In general, it is planned to build 1,700 houses, where they can settle 4,5 thousand inhabitants. Total area of housing will be about 130 thousand square meters.<br /><br />Since the draft residential complex is claimed to be social, affordable, chairman gradsoveta Valery Boyko questioned the value of housing. And the designer, developer and assured that the price per square meter of housing with painted communications not exceed 15-20 thousand rubles. This amount is taken into account and the cost of land. Cheaper production costs allow the proximity of its own building work.<br /><br />The area also houses the social - from 72 to 100 "squares". But in addition small odnoetazhek, architects have designed and more spacious locked home and cottages with the possibility of the device attic floor. "Everything will depend on how you will be in demand is housing, what are the prospects", - added Tatiana Stolbova. All designers have developed 14 types of houses, of which the customer has chosen four pilot sites.<br /><br />Developers promise to solve the most painful issue for such suburban towns - immediately provide residents with water, electricity, heat, gas. "We already pull plumbing, drain, outlines the road - said General Director of OOO" KSM "Siberian concrete Mikhail Olshansky. - The electrical and heat for the first phase of housing will be enough capacity in our plant. "He added that the sale will not begin until as all houses do not carry out communication.<br /><br />The first phase covers nearly 50 hectares of land. For 2,5-3 years here are planning to build 270 houses. Within 2-3 months promise to customers to demonstrate the first examples of estates.<br /><a href=""></a><br />
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