Near Kiev is actively being built islands. Authorities say they do not know

22.08.2008 00:00
Nonpoor Kiev no longer surprised luxurious apartment in the capital for millions of dollars. Realtors have begun to sell the whole island on the Dnieper! How can I buy an island and how it may be legitimate. On the Internet we found a lot of ads with the text: "Buy an island near Kiev. Most offer pieces of land in the water from 1 to 40 acres. For example, 3 ha near Concha Zaspa for $ 12 million, 70 hectares on the gums in Vyshgorodsky area for $ 14 million, 10 hectares near Kozina for $ 13 million, however, realtors say the most "delicious" Island in the Internet do not appear long sold. We decided to try to "buy" one of the islands and called the listed number. A pleasant female voice answered. The woman had the sweet. She said that the island area of ??60 acres, located on the 6-kilometer dike at Koncha Zaspa in the form of a petal - the middle of the road, and from it is an offshoot of the sides. " Mila offered to buy a piece - 15 or 25 hectare of $ 40 thousand sq.m., or the island for $ 12 million "as a whole to take advantage, then you can customize it and sell the villas - urged Mila. - We have the Greeks wanted to buy, too, such business to make . They are here for a few months, all learned to worry that all laws were. But in the end scared, they say, you have a political situation is unstable ...

- How it all legal? - We are interested.

- Yes, you do not worry! This land belongs to a very large landowners in Koncha Zaspa. Now they have other priorities - in the city center to buy land, so here are selling. There are documents, all legally.

- A is a natural island or namyli artificially?

- I do not know ... I think that man-made. Yes, and what you the difference? - Interested in Mila.

We decided to go look at the island. On a dam in Koncha Zaspa their pieces 6. There are hard at work - under the scorching sun builders erecting houses on small alluvial islands. "There are houses springing up like mushrooms. The most chic - Accommodation on the island. We are building a house - first poured sand island, and then strengthened the banks", - said Victor builder. He says he does not know who are building. In the team there are rumors that "some lady from the inner circle of Chernivtsi. In the city administration did not confirm the information. "I do not know anything about it, every day I am faced with the fact that the city's crazy to do some hints that in fact have no relationship to the real world" - told Adviser to the Mayor Kazbek Bektursunov.

Sale of the islands are called illegal. "According to the Water Code, the land of water fund is not for sale. They can only be leased, and then, if the island is not protected. And the rent they can take to entrepreneurs, associations of citizens or foreign nationals exclusively for mowing, a recreational infrastructure, tourism , scientific research, "- said the head of central board of environmental protection of the city administration Vladimir Trokosi. That is, homes built there can not be. Nevertheless Trokosi said that the sale of the islands he had no knowledge and with such complaints to his office no one spoke. Like, when will the treatment - then and see how to react to the situation.

Kievans also worry that the capital is becoming less picturesque places in the Dnieper, where ordinary citizens are free to relax. "I remember five years ago we were still on the dam with his friends came to fish on weekends. What was the place! And now built up, messed up the whole beauty ..."- sadly tells the driver Vitaly Shcherbenko.

"The buyer may become an accomplice of a crime." "It is forbidden to own namyvat island. But we are so ill-conceived legislation in the water sector that it is not difficult to circumvent. What some people do," - said the director of Ecological and Cultural Center Vladimir Boreiko. According to him, often on the documents appear on the owners of the island tourist company or horticultural organizations. Indeed, we noticed a sign on the causeway, "Gardener's Association" on the five-meter fences, some villas. The bell on the gate, no one answered, so we did not find out what the gardeners live there. Villas same - says Boreyko - written as a summer temporary problem. " Aggradation islands threatens nature. Environmentalists say that the broken bed of the Dnieper, which threatens flooding banks during floods. In addition, leaving the fish fly birds that nest on the shores.

"Theoretically, the reclamation can be bought. But legally it never will be processed correctly and legally. Shoppers in this case is at risk - if the audit reveals that the documents of property reclamation bogus - the buyer will be held as accessory to a crime" - the chief of state management of environment and natural environment in the Kiev region, Alexander shepherds.

Check all these things shall prosecutors. But there is not clarified, whether carried out some investigations on the islands. Press secretary of the Kiev prosecutor Miroslav Mushka promised to learn, but no reply. "All these islands until the first flood. If it is on the Dnieper River is a flood in 1979 - namytye islands will be under water", - said Anatoly Yatsyk, director of the Institute of Water Management of environmental problems.
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