Near Iljichiovsk built cottage

28.02.2011 15:30
Articles about real estate | Near Iljichiovsk built cottage In a suburban area Iljichiovsk (Novo Bugorovo), near Odessa, will soon bring into operation the first turn cottage "Alexandria". The town is on the streets of Alexandria (which connects the cottage with Iyichevck) in a residential area of the estate near the sea (700 meters).
The total area of the town is 2 hectares, the area hosts 64 cottages, which are interlocked in 7 separate buildings, according to The territory of "Alexandria" provides protection, and at the entrance to split a small square with a fountain and other elements that help you relax and unwind. Each of the cottage consists of a single storey or two storey house with attic and roof tiles of high quality. Each house has a site in 2,5 - 3 weave, which is divided into 2 parts: the front of the house (it can be beautifully decorated with flowers, etc.) and behind it (the backyard). Also, the cabin owner of the lot by a car.

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At this time, built the first two lines of the town, putting into operation the second stage of the developer is planning for spring 2012. Cost per square meter in the cottage is 900 U.S. dollars. The area of one cottage - from 132 sq.m. up to 230 sq.m.
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