National projects-the embodiment of the reform process in Ukraine

02.11.2010 18:38
Today in Kyiv hosted a public presentation of national projects with the participation of President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovich. In particular, speaking at a meeting of the working group "National Projects" the President noted that each of the approved in August this year, the national projects is the epitome of the reform process in the country.

"They define a new quality and new level of development of specific sectors and are aimed at addressing specific social problems or economic regeneration of entire regions," - said the President to the lush presentation organized in hotel "Intercontinental". Yanukovych stressed that national projects will soon become a guide development, and their planning and implementation of structural reforms will be part of the national economy and improve the quality of life.

Read the full list presented "incarnations of Ukrainian reforms."

"Air Express". Provides an introduction to the operation of the railway line Kiev-Boryspil, build four stations, the provision of railway electric trains, construction of a second runway at the airport "Borispol". The first practical result of this project was the signing of bilateral agreements with China National Corporation for Export and Import of machinery and equipment and the Development Bank of China for about $ 1 billion project will be completed in 2012.

"LNG - Terminal. Envisages the construction of liquefied natural gas terminal. The project conducted pre-studies and determined the optimum place to place. The analysis for identifying potential suppliers of liquefied gas, consumers and potential investors of the project, preparing terms of reference for a feasibility study, project implementation period - 4 years.

"Open World". Envisages the creation of a national educational communications network. Already identified the main functional blocks and the underlying technology of the project. Developing educational part of the concept, the mechanism is handled the purchase of necessary equipment (in the first place - the netbook for students without the use of budgetary funds). On the implementation of the project is given 4 years.

"Affordable Housing". Defined regions for the first phase of the project. Formed a detailed schedule of implementation of the Model Local Project ("the presidential quarter"). Conducted a preliminary engineering design, analysis of economic and financial feasibility, possible options for financial security. The project will be implemented over 5 years.

Despite the disclosure of names of the heads of all six projects, some of them remain unknown to the market and the public. So the head of the Affordable Housing has been appointed Valery Eremenko. Who is he, on Friday did not even know the Deputy Minister of Regional Development and Construction Dmitry Isayenko, directly oversees the Ministry of affordable housing. According to the State Agency of Ukraine for managing national projects (Ukrnatsproekt), Valery A. since 2007 is deputy director of the construction firm "Story RB-Invest, the founder and owner of which as at June 2009 is" Ukrbiznesresurs "from Donetsk. It is this structure controls the LLC RB Capital Group, the main shareholder (77%) Rodovid Bank prior to its recapitalization. It is also noteworthy that the "Story RB-Invest had planned to become a general contractor 11-storey business center on the street. Sagaidachnogo, 17, in Kiev. Customer project was Rodovid Bank. According to the company, as of today this project is frozen due to change in ownership of financial institution. But most importantly, to date the company, a top manager who led a national project for the construction of affordable housing in the country, not to implement a single project. The question arises, and the prospects have already implemented programs Minregionstroya affordable housing. It is true in terms of PR around the cost per square meter, it, of course, gives the president the project. The Ministry provides for the cost of capital for a little less than 8 thousand UAH for 1 sq. km. m, whereas the national project declares only 3-4 thousand UAH for "square". It is also worth noting that before working at RB Story Invest "Valery Eremenko has worked in senior positions in the enterprise" fund to support individual housing construction in rural areas "at the Odessa Regional Administration and the Credit Union" Ukraine ", the bankruptcy case is now considering Odessa Regional Court of Appeal.

In Ukraine, began construction of the Presidential living quarters
By mid-2013 in the national project "Affordable housing" in the six million cities, countries should open up presidential quarters, where one-bedroom apartment of 38 square meters. meters will cost 20 thousand dollars, the head of a working group of national project Vladislav Nikolayuk.

According to him quarters will be built on a plot of 5 hectares in Kiev, Donetsk, Kharkiv, Lviv, Odessa and Simferopol. Each of the blocks will be out of 16 typical nine-monolithic house for 70 apartments each.

Interlocutor proUA noted that half of all apartments in this quarter will be odkomnatnymi, the second half equally divided into two-and three-room apartment. And if the "unity" in the quarter Yanukovych would cost 17-20 thousand dollars, then "kopeck piece" (56 square meters. M) and "treshka" (73 square meters. M) - in the 35-40 thousand dollars and 50 thousand . dollars, respectively. It is assumed that 50% of the apartments will be sold on the open market, another 50% - should be implemented under the program of affordable housing for young civil servants, law enforcement officers, poor families and the disabled.

After implementing the first six quarters, nine-Yanukovych will be built in other regional centers.

As noted Nikolayuk, the implementation of the first six quarters will be worth approximately 1.5 billion USD. These funds must provide a credit to the Ukrainian state Oschadbank Ukreximbank and global investment funds at low interest rates (presumably from 2,5% to 10%. The loan will be subject to 8-10 years. Domestic banks in turn will give the money to the State enterprise "Affordable Housing ", which will be set up in November and will set general contractors and suppliers of building materials for the project.

As stressed by the head of a working group of the national project, he already has a list of the largest general contractors and suppliers of building materials for that city. Of them will be selected by project participants.

Nikolayuk also said that is reviewed and an alternative to raise funds. Under this scheme, local state-owned banks will lend to major Western European construction holdings, which will take the money at home. However, under this option, these companies will have to share work on the contract.

As reported in late August, President Viktor Yanukovych has identified 10 national projects of priority for implementation.

The national project "Affordable housing" was headed by Valery Eremenko, who is a top manager obscure Kiev construction company LLC "Story RB-Invest.

"Quality Water". The project established an interdepartmental group with the Ministry of Housing, a preliminary introduction to the basic water treatment technologies, analyzes the fundamental organizational and economic mechanisms to provide the population with water. Work continues to identify technologies that are appropriate to implement the project. Term - 6 years.

"Clean City". Provides for the establishment of modern systems for recycling of solid waste. The project established an interdepartmental working group with MinZhKH, a preliminary introduction to key technologies and international examples, by the territorial monitoring the treatment of solid waste. To participate in the project were invited to 20 cities, 10 of which will be identified for implementation of pilot projects. Complexes to be built in 4 years.

"The energy of nature." Provides for the construction of wind and solar power, small hydroelectric plants. The project activities are aimed at deepening the study of international experience in the use of renewable energy. Analyzes the main energy-efficient technologies, to monitor the current state of affairs in the regions of Ukraine (the Crimea, southern and Carpathian), analyzes the proposal of the scientific and engineering community, which come in "Ukrnatsproekt. Term - 4 years.

"New Life". Provides access to new quality of maternal and child health. In particular, it provides for the establishment in all regions of the country`s 27 high-tech perinatal centers. The cost of each project - 300-320 mln. Each center is planned to equip the necessary modern equipment. Term - 4-5 years.

"City of the Future." Provides for the formation of a strategic plan and development projects in Kyiv. Handled by the concept of the mechanism of development of the region by developing a strategic plan and implementation of development projects. Provides for the implementation of pilot projects aimed at improving the quality of life, including "Clean City", "quality water", "Affordable Housing" and others. The project will be implemented over the next 10 years.

"Olympic Hopes - 2022. Provides for the establishment of tourist and sports infrastructure and training to apply for participation in the Winter Olympics in 2022. Already made a preliminary analysis of potential areas in the Carpathian region, work has begun to define the concept of formation and specific territories for future sports and infrastructure facilities. The first phase of the project is designed for 5 years, the overall implementation period - about 9 years.

"Danube Corridor". Provides for the construction of a new highway Odessa-Reni, the development of railway communication, the construction of navigation channel at the mouth of the Danube River and a new modern port. Term - 7 years.

As noted at the presentation of the President, the implementation of national projects should not rely on budgetary resources and tools for public-private partnerships and investment in the national economy. According to Viktor Yanukovych, the government, in turn, will support national projects through systemic changes in the conditions of market access, business practices, simplification of procedures for obtaining permits and minimize, transparent legislative field. In addition, Viktor Yanukovych noted that in some cases, the government could provide government guarantees for loans.

As is known, previously head of the working group on realization of national projects the President has appointed MP from NUNS Vladislav Kaskiv. Speaking during today`s presentation, he noted that the implementation of national projects, in contrast to previous large-scale initiatives, does not include significant use of budgetary funds. "From the national projects will be all good and no one - badly. We do not take away money from the budget that can go into different payment, the money we engage with the market. And the State`s efforts will focus only on the inflow of investment," - said the People`s Deputy.

At the government level to the group, headed by V. Kaskiv supports manual specially created State Agency for National Projects, which was headed by Sergey Yevtushenko. Not so long ago the agency identified the Verkhovna Rada 24.7 mln. - So to speak, on the construction and development.

In mid-October board "Ukrnatsproekta" appointed six managers of individual national projects. According to the results of the competition they were headed by Peter Miroshnikov ("LNG - Terminal"), Ihor Kurus ("Open World"), Vadim accurate ("Power of Nature"), Oleg Malich ("Air Express"), Valery Eremenko ("Affordable Housing") Ivan Lun ("Olympic Hopes").
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