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14.09.2010 07:53
Articles about real estate | Naming objects suburban real estate The foreign word "naming" appeared in our vocabulary is not so long ago. If you convey the meaning of the term simply the Russian language, you get something like this: "the creation of loud and catchy names. "Naming plays a major role in shaping the brand and the product itself. In advancing the project, in particular the property market, a well-chosen name is an integral part and should work in harmonious tandem with the whole concept of positioning,

Marketing real estate market say that the name plays a crucial role in making a purchasing decision. In fact, the name is a first contact a potential buyer with an object, so it must attract attention and interest, including creating a first impression. And, as we know, the first impression most resistant, it is difficult to change, even if it would be wrong. In addition, the object "with the name" is much easier to advertise than the object on any address. "The name creates an association, the right seller. The laws of marketing buyer usually pays the money is not so much for the product as a certain way of life, belonging to a particular group, the realization of their desires, confirms the view of themselves in society, and so on. All this information can be embedded in a name, further impacting way to the buyer and the decision to buy ", - said Victor Kovalenko, director of RealEkspo.

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Good name of a country cottage or a residential complex gives him additional advertising and stable sales, a bad naming can pretty spoil the reputation.

According to the director of "RealEkspo" Victor Kovalenko, ideally, the name must meet the following criteria:
• reflect the benefits of the object, its stylistic features, architectural differences, the advantages over competitors;
• trigger positive associations and emotions;
• well-remembered, to be clear and concise;
• easy to read, not to have discrepancies in stress and pronunciation;

Development name always starts with studies: a deep market research, particularly consumer perception, the development strategy of the company. Once a brand platform is to develop several key areas in which specific versions will be offered naming. The selection of these areas - no easy task because it requires a good knowledge of the company, its strengths and weaknesses, competitive environment, market situation, etc.

Why is the development name for the objects of suburban real estate should be conducted by professionals? At first glance it might seem that the name may come up with any member firm. But not all so simple: sell the name, then that will attract consumers and needed a way to identify the market, it is impossible to create by one person. The name is not thought up of self-interest and aesthetic preferences, and for consumers, so it is necessary to understand the reasons for which a name is evaluated as an attractive and more - to forget 5 seconds after reading.

Naming - is the match between the strategic objectives of the company and current marketing problems. In several letters of the names need to lay a lot of the right connotations, to take care of euphony and brevity, memorability, a fonosemantichesky analysis and analysis of non-infringement, to check the possibility to register the name as a domain name (this usually causes the most problems). From the team of specialists for naming requires extensive knowledge in the field of linguistics, marketing, patent law. The selection of suitable options from a long list of names requires experience and patience. The names should be checked in terms of efficiency and ensure their compliance with positioning and strategic business objectives.

The main criteria of successful titles include:
1. Protectability;
2. Uniqueness;
3. Ability to properly transliterated into other languages;
4. Associativity;
5. Involvement - the emergence of a consumer's desire to join friends of the company and make a purchase;
6. Understanding - the consumer must quickly understand why the company is given a name and how it relates to the scope of its activities;
7. Memorability;
8. Expressiveness;
9. Appropriateness;
10. Originality
11. Positive evaluation from the standpoint fonosemantiki (the science of the symbolic perception of sounds);
12. The presence of free domain name;
13. The ability to use the international markets;
14. Relevance positioning;
15. Protection from imitation and cloning (subversive analysis of the brand);
16. Rhythmic - convenience pronunciation;
17. Perspectives.

Select title - a task that can not be solved purely mechanical, guided by a thick set of rules and criteria. Many successful titles were designed intuitively. But it is worth remembering that in the early twentieth century. good and not engaged in words suitable for titles, it was much more than now. Today, the legislative requirements to names also tightened. Therefore, naming is an area at the intersection of science and art.
The names are not born perfect, they become so by a competent marketing. To take into account absolutely all the evaluation criteria and to achieve compliance with the names of each of them is impossible. Therefore, choosing a name is to be prepared for an acceptable compromise. Professional consulting company RealEkspo "will help you orient, advise, offer you options, among which really is what to choose.

The criteria developed by the company "RealEkspo" that must be considered when developing titles for the cottage towns:
• current practice in the areas of toponymy and mikrotoponimiki;
• existing nomological von: name the nearest town;
• natural and historical features of the terrain;
• Benefits of the location and concept of the village;
• name in the alphabetical arrangement should occupy the first position;
• The name must not contain commonly used words and concepts;
• The name must be consistent with the objectives of the project;
• The name must take into account the personal preferences of the developer;
• The name should please potential customers, future residents of the town.
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