Naming cottage towns in Ukraine

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At the present time in Ukraine you can meet a variety of names cottage townships. Their names identify important trends. Naming cottage towns in UkraineThe name of the village, as the person's name, full of meaning and value, so it is important to pick it up properly and with taste.

On behalf of the meet - the quality value
Head of suburban real estate portal Victor Kovalenko argues that to date in developing the names of different properties using four principles.

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The leader principle of geo-referencing. This is the best way to tie the name of the village to the historical name of the district.

In second place on the principle of association, which gives rise to the name. As remarked Victor Kovalenko, using names, companies try to influence the customers through "feelings". For example, the name "Olympus" is associated with the gods, status, superiority, the elite. Town "Seventh Heaven" is a rich associative array.

The third principle - the descriptive name. For example, a cottage community "Golden Keys". The key, according to experts, is itself a symbol of the premises, in this case home: describes a secret, which is located behind the door, the keys of which the buyer receives a cottage in the cottage. "The word" gold "in this case, carries a double meaning: first, the gold as an element of prestige, luxury, secondly, in conjunction" golden key "immediately guessed element fabulousness, unprecedented", - added Victor Kovalenko.

The last principle Victor Kovalenko identified as "pro-Western" name. According to this principle to create a name elite settlements Bosco Village, Chateaux Royals, Feofania Residences, RIVERSIDE, Riviera Villas, Villa Roz. According to the expert, using foreign names, companies tend to show the audience that the developer of a foreign company, thereby defining such concepts as quality of technology, the level of execution of works. This provides greater confidence in the audience.

The good name - the key to success

Director of consulting company "RealEkspo" Victor Kovalenko believes that often the names of cottage villages chosen not too successful, and there are doubts that they will take root. "It sometimes happens that the name is so incoherent and uncharacteristic that small towns just beginning to be confused - adds specialist. "It may be noted that when the name of the town are assigned to their location, it sometimes causes confusion.

"Signs" cottage village
One of the determining factors of success for the cottage village is its name, that is a kind of "sign", - says Director of RealEkspo "Victor Kovalenko. "The most important thing in the advertising company's product - to attract the attention of potential customers, including original, memorable, but not shocking public opinion in the name of" - emphasizes the expert.
All summer community somehow always called. In the 20-30-ies DSC often were called "Academic", "Soviet writer", "Polarnik" - often talked about who lives here. Later started chanting nature - "Rainbow", "Sunny". "We have cottage settlements are called differently, often also something natural -" Pines "," Riviera "- the specialist said. This is very important. It's no secret that in the Kiev region there are lots of places with discordant names.

According to Victor Kovalenko, cottage village elite class must also have its own name. "And the name should contain the basic positioning of the village, some key messages that set him apart from the masses and not just be consistent with the name of the area where the village is located, - the expert emphasizes. "It is not very convenient to navigate in" Sauvignon-1 "," Sauvignon-2 "," Sauvignon-4. It only confuses potential customers ", - adds the expert.

According to Victor Kovalenko, the names of the villages could well be in tune with the names of nearby communities. No less interesting trend in the names of modern towns and business elite classes is the attempt to come up with beautiful, fine-sounding phrases. Certain customers are attracted playful, sometimes even funny name.

Concept of the names cottage village is made up of six basic parameters:
1. Determine the potential buyer.
2. It creates emotional and associative array.
3. Defined area construction site.
4. Tsennoobrazovanie.
5. The final positioning of the object construction.
6. It creates a legend.

Browse titles cottage villages in Ukraine
According to the company RealEkspo "as of August 10, 2010 in the portal contains 563 of the town, of which 79 cottage grodkov (14.03%) have no name. Imagine how difficult it will promote such small towns and even harder to sell them.
In the cottage without a name (of 79) 32 town had to Kiev and the region, which is 40.5%, 15 townships (18.98%) in the Crimea and 11 townships (13.92%) in the Odessa region.
According to the head of the portal Victor Kovalenko, the 484 cottage settlements of Ukraine (85.96%) is the name. And in this review for the first time in Ukraine "RealEkspo" reviewed all the names of cottage villages in Ukraine.
In Kyiv city and region has 250 cottage settlements with an assigned name that sotavlyaet 51.65%, followed by cottage settlements of the Crimea - just 72 town with the name (14.87%), third in 1963 with the name of the village in Odessa Oblast (13.01%).
Of the 484 cottage villages of Ukraine to the names, in 52 villages (10.74%) the names are written in Latin letters. Some of the names of their own firms: Amstar Europe, Ukrland. Others, like "Park House" (Boryspil district) and Park House (Odessa) names are identical. It is noted in the names of 10 towns in camp from the word Land: (Mirland, Ukrland, New Land, Happy Land, Dream Land).

How to call a ship, so it will float ...

Director of the company "RealEkspo" Victor Kovalenko said:
"Most companies irresponsible approach to the choice of names cottage. Some people prefer the name of their firms: Aval (Brovarskoy district), "Bavaria" (Poltava).
Others, especially without worrying about the image, assign names of settlements, in which they are located: "Balaklava" (Sevastopol), "Bezradichi (Obukhov district)," Belogorodka "(Kiev Svyatoshinsky district)," Gorodchany (Brovarskyi district) "Blagodatnoe (Makarovsky district)," Zoloche "(Boryspil district)," Gatnoe "(Kiev Svyatoshinsky district)," Gorenichi "(Kiev Svyatoshinsky district)," Zazimya (Brovarskyi district), "Zalissia (Makarovsky district), "Great Meadow" (Zaporozhye region), "Holiday" (Odessa region), "Koreiz" (ARC), Koktebel (ARC), "Kozarovichi (Vyshgorodsky district)," Small Lighthouse "(AR Crimea), "Demydove (Vyshgorodsky district)," Gostomel "(Kiev Svyatoshinsky district)," Plutovo (Obukhov district), "Boyarka" (Kiev Svyatoshinsky district), "Gurovschina" (Kiev Svyatoshinsky district), " Ivankovo (Brovarskyi district).
Many companies use the title plant names: "Vishenki" (Boryspil district), "Grape" (Yalta), "Cherry містечко" (Boryspil district), "Yablunivskie gardens" (Makarov district), "Ivushka (Brovarskyi district)," cypress (Dnipropetrovsk Oblast), "Kalina" (Makarov district), "YALINKA (Borodyansky district)," Yalivets "(Ivano-Frankivsk region).
There in the Kiev region 2 of the town, in the name of which contains the names of birds: "Skylark" (Boryspil district), "Oriole" (Brovarskoy district).
By analogy with the historical names and events mentioned such cottage villages: "Hetman" (Lviv region), "Galicia" (Ivano-Frankivsk region), "Didovitsa (Vyshgorodsky district), the Princely" (Lviv region), "Tycoon" ( Brovarskyi district), "Knyazhichi (Brovarskyi district), the Princely wetlands (Borodyansky district)," Golden Gate "(Obukhov district).
In the name of some cottage townships ipolzovany names of foreign countries and cities: "Venice" (Dnepropetrovsk), "The Vienna Gate" (Chernivtsi), "Italian Quarter" (Odessa region), "Europe" (Odessa), "European" (Kharkov), "European" (Vyshgorodsky district), "Maetok. Pearl of Italy "(Vasilkovsky district)," Maetok. Brilliant Greece (Vasilkovsky district), "Maetok. Necklaces France (Vasilkovsky district), "Maetok. Velvet Spain (Vasilkovsky district).
Do not forget investors and sellers in the names to use memories of nature: the "Breeze", "Wave", "Mountain", "Forest", "Clear Lake", "Pure Water", "Pine Forest", "Clear dawns", "Maritime "," Prigorny ", etc.

Before you call, think ...
The most unacceptable, according to Victor Kovalenko, a repetition of the same name: two to four, and even within the same district.
Dear investors and sellers, put yourself in the shoes of your customer sites, and before you call your object, set at least a search on the Internet, ask whether the market of cottage village of the same name.
Ignorance is no excuse. 2 years ago in Kiev has already arisen precedent and litigation with the name of a cottage town "Misto Sontsya" in Kiev Svyatoshinsky area and a residential complex with the same name in Kiev on the street. University.
2 identical titles: "On the Verge" (Kiev region, Odessa region), "Brigantine" (Odessa, Belgorod-Dniester), "South Wind" (Kiev region, Odessa region), "The Black Sea" (both in the Crimea), "The Black Sea Riviera (both in the Odessa region), "Kalynovyi town" (Makarov district), "Boyarka" (Kiev Svyatoshinsky district), "Lake" (Kiev region, Vinnytsya region), "Golden Keys" (Dnipropetrovsk region, Odessa region) "Comfortable" (Kiev region, Odessa region), "Green Guy" (Kiev region, Odessa region), "Breeze" (Donetsk, Odessa region).
3 identical titles: "Pine Forest" (Obukhov district, Boryspil district, Mykolaiv region), "C?te d'Azur" (Kiev region, Odessa region, Zaporozhye region), "Gold Coast" (Sevastopol, Odessa region, the Crimea).
4 identical titles: "Pine Beach" (Mykolayiv region, Odesa region, Dnipropetrovsk, Kharkiv region), "Ivankovichi" (all 4 in Vasyl'kivs'ke area, 3 of them were built and a project).

Naming (from the English. Naming - «establishment name") - the process of creating unique names for the company, product or service. This is the primary, one of the most important and difficult tasks when creating a brand. Getting your goods in the shop, coming to your company, coming to your site, users will always remember your name. It is present in all corporate materials, advertising, in everyday communication, ie used much more frequently than the other elements of the sign system brand.

Viktor Kovalenko
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