Named the most expensive street in London

28.02.2011 20:19
Victoria Road in Kensington in the west of central London, recognized as the most expensive street in the UK after selling real estate in 2010.

According to the rankings compiled by website, the average price of apartments on the street is estimated at 6.4 million pounds (about $ 10.5 million).

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Victoria Road, located close to Kensington Park, selected the leadership in the area of Chester Square in Belgravia, which occupied the top spot in the ranking for two consecutive years. In the vicinity of the street are the legendary concert hall of the Albert Hall and the Museum of Natural History.

Even last year in the same ranking of Victoria Road is on 10 place. Thus, such a rapid rise in the rankings is partly due to the fact that one of the houses was sold here for 11 million pounds.

In third place ranking was Chester Square, where he lives, former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, yielding more and Ingram Avenue near Hempsted in the north of the British capital.

It is reported that 14 of the 20 most expensive streets in the ranking are in the areas of Kensington and Chelsea.

The average price of a property in the ten most expensive areas of London had grown to 5.9 million pounds.

In turn, the average price for the ten most expensive streets in the south-east England (excluding London) has grown to 3.6 million pounds, while the average price tag in the "golden dozen" East of England is 2 million assessed property only in England and Wales. However, London has traditionally dominated the rankings of the most expensive real estate in Britain, however, reportedly, even if experts included in the list of Scotland and Northern Ireland, the leadership of Victoria Road and other London areas would remain unchanged.

The study is based on data of registered transactions of purchase and sale. The average price is calculated automatically by zip code.

However, perhaps the most expensive real estate in the ranking are not included. The top sheet is not included streets with too little real estate as well as the places where the prices are too fickle.

Recall that in the ranking of most expensive streets in Europe and the world's first, took Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich.
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