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12.12.2010 14:52
Union Real Estate Specialists of Ukraine, with the support of Realtor Chamber of Ukraine and "FIABCI-Ukraine" summed up the 5-th National Competition "Professional Recognition, 2010. Award ceremony and winners took place on 3 December.

Participants in the competition - the leading real estate companies in Ukraine and experts, representatives of the realtor community real estate market of Ukraine.

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The purpose of the National Competition "Professional recognition" is to attract public attention to people and companies working in the real estate market. Success in this complex area of business interest to the public yet, and because real estate transactions have a high social value.

Contest rules have an independent democratic basis. Every professional market participant, regardless of affiliation to the Union of Real Estate Specialists of Ukraine may take part in it.

National Competition Professional Awards "held the Union of Real Estate Specialists of Ukraine since 2006. In 2010, the competition attracted more than 50 companies.
Nominations: Winners and Winners
Победители и лауреаты конкурса
Best real estate company employing over 700 people
AN "Blagovest" (Kiev)

Best real estate company employing over 400 people
AN "Park Lane" (Kiev)

Best real estate company employing over 100 people

AN "City" (Kharkov)

Best real estate company employing more than 25 people

Academy of Sciences of the Themis Service "(Kiev)
AN "Samson (Kiev)
AN "Kiyany" (Kiev)

AN "Atlant-A" (Kiev)
AN "Sumy Real Estate" (Sumy)
Best real estate company employing less than 25 people

AN "RED" (Kiev)
AN "KFTS" (Kiev)
AN Asteria (Sebastopol)
AN "Onik (Brovary)
AN "Master klass.Nedvizhimost" (Kiev)
AN "Planet of Crimea (Yalta)
Nomination "The Best Debut!"
Academy Golden Gate (Kiev)
Nomination "Best Sales Agent Residential Real Estate

Baz Tatiana Emilevna, AN "Project 2" (Kiev)
Tatyana Korsakov, AN "Sumy Real Estate" (Sumy)
Raevskaya Tatiana, AN "Star City" (Kiev)
Nomination "Best Sales Agent Commercial Real Estate
Ruslan Glebov, AN "Kiyany" (Kiev)
Nominated "Best Manager of Residential Real Estate

Klyukach Elena Vladislavovna, AN "Master Class. Real Estate (Kiev)
Olga Zaretsky, AN "Project 2" (Kiev)
Sasonina Irene, EA "Asteria" (Sevastopol)
Nominated "Best Manager of Lease
Oksana Kuznetsova, AN "The scope of real estate" (Donetsk)
Nomination "Best Manager of Real Estate Agency"
Chest Sergei AN "Atlanta" (Kiev)
Olga Prokhorova, AN "broker" (Lugansk)
Polhovsky Helen, EA "Kiyany" (Kiev)
Tovstukha Oksana, AN "Sumy Real Estate" (Sumy)
Nominated "Best HR manager real estate company"
Milevskaya Julia, AN "Samson" (Kiev)
Nominated "Best website for real estate"
Laureate: AN "Planet of Crimea (Yalta)
Winner: EA "Sweet neruhomosti" (Kiev)
Nomination "Best Analyst Real Estate Market
Laureate: Igor Zakharchenko AN "Planet of Crimea (Yalta)
Winner: Vsevolod Zhogolev, AN "Samson" (Kiev)
Nomination "For the longest professional career in real estate"
AN "Dina" (Donetsk)
AN "RED" (Kiev)
AN "City" (Kharkov)
Nomination "For professionalism"

Honorable mentions:
AN "Asteria" (Sevastopol)
AN "Master Class. Real Estate (Kiev)
AN "Planet of Crimea (Yalta)
AN "Atlant-A" (Kiev)
AN "City" (Kharkov)
AN "Samson" (Kiev)
AN "RED" (Kiev)
Nomination "For contributions to the development of Real Estate Market
Odnopozov Igor S. AN "Project 2" (Kiev)
Nomination "For active in professional social organization"
Nesin Victor, Chairman of the Union real estate consultants
Nomination "Best investment project in the segment of residential real estate"
residential area "Watercolors", Cherry, Kyiv region
Nomination "Best Financial partner company"
Company "Argument" (Sevastopol)
Nominated "Best construction company-partner"
Company "Intex" (Sevastopol)
Best Media
Nomination "For the longest, and effective promotional activities in the property market in Ukraine"
Group of newspapers «AVISO»
Nomination "3a best coverage of real estate market of Ukraine"
Nomination "For high-quality advertising and information activities in the real estate market in Kiev"
Journal of the MIR APARTMENTS "
Nominated "Best a journalist covering the real estate market of Ukraine"
Viktor Kovalenko, head of portal-of-town and foreign real estate
Nomination "Golden realtor pen"
Zakharchenko Igor AN Planet Crimea
Nomination "For professional picture stories Contest
and cooperation from SSNU "
Petrenko, Larisa, the newspaper «AVISO»
Prepared by Victor Kovalenko
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