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28.10.2010 18:50
Articles about real estate | Mystique Kiev streets "But at this point only idiots buy an apartment! - Hot MP N. - The solid geopathic zone!" Ashamed of the agency broker for the sale of real estate shyly excuses: "It is Well" Tsarskoe Selo "!" - "Not for me it" s! "- Did not stop the indignant deputies. -" A couple of years you live here, and you can not tell from sores come from ... "

From further monologue enlightened elected officials could understand that gone are the days when housing in the area of the Kiev area Lesya Ukrainka favorite place nomenclature of the capital, who deceived the owners of the "new life". Today in fashion as other places - where the aura of holiness and favorable for more ... It is for this "holiness" new Ukrainians "are willing to pay crazy money. Sometimes it seems: soon "skyscrapers" will build directly on the territory of the Orthodox shrines - Kiev-Pechersk Lavra and Sophia ...

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Space and earth secrets Bald Mountain
Bald Mountain - one of the "dark" mystical places in Kiev. And not because there are going to defile the witches, warlocks and the rest of the vermin. Ever since the ancient times was famous Bald Mountain, as geopathic place. For a long time, it was undeveloped. While in 1872 there was erected Lysogirs'kyi fort. He hronologichno was the last building of the complex of the Kiev fortress.

In the fort was planned to place heavy artillery. But until the beginning of XX century, the strengthening and defense functions not performed. And since 1906 the fort began to be used as a place of punishment of criminals by hanging. Brought death at night in jail coach from prison in Diagon caponier. According to the museum's "Oblique caponier in Lisogorsky fort was delivered to about 200 people, mostly political prisoners. It was here, was executed Dmitry Bogrov - Killer Premier Stolypin. Death met the executioner with an apprentice priest. But even after the confession and execution of death row denied right to be buried in a Christian cemetery. Executioner bury the body near the hanged from the gallows.

Geophysicist and former head of specialized dowsing party at the Ministry of Geology, head of the company "Bioloks Vasily Stetsenko argues that the district is the most powerful geopathic zone in Kiev. It stretches from Bald Mountain, on the edge of the Central Botanical Garden in the hills, where the Museum of the Great Patriotic War and the Dnieper goes on the Left Bank. That is why the monks have never inhabited the area.

In an interview with a scientist told that after the "resettlement" of the military unit stationed on Bald Mountain, one of the department head of the Communist Party of Ukraine privately asked him to walk with him on Bald Mountain. The fact is that since served in this part of the soldiers, strange things were happening. Especially bad they felt it was at midnight and at noon, and a special commission has decided to clean out the military.

"And here we are, several people climbed the mountain, - said Vladimir Stetsenko. - With both hands I held the dowsing frame. Suddenly, I feel that your fingers cramp, I was just beginning to shake heavily, I can not let go!" A few minutes later came in itself.

In addition to research, there is a mystical theory of why the Bald Mountain is "cursed" location. In the days of the Mongol-Tatar invasion, there Kitaevskaya and Golosiivskyi desert. After the collapse of the Soviet Union monasteries have resumed their activities. Next to them are preserved Kitaevskaya and Zverinitskie cave. According to the hypothesis, many Kiev refuge in them from their enemies. Batu Khan, not to leave behind enemy lines (Tatars, as is known, stormed Lyadsky gate - on the present-day Independence Square), ordered the cave wall up. Many people died, and it is their terrible death and restless souls strongly affect the power of neighborhoods Bald Mountain.

Anomalous zone of Kiev
Experts say that literally all over Kiev are scattered such geopathic and the anomalous zone. Most geophysicists, although religious people, but to superstition and mysticism populist skeptical. According to Vasilii Stetsenko, geopathic zone - this is a plot of land, where the release or accumulation of the earth's energy. Such zones are often associated with crustal faults, cracks in crystalline panels, underground water streams, caverns, deposits of iron ore, petroleum. There are also man-made area - tunnels, mining, powerful pipes.

"Dangerous zone" stretching for miles, especially the adverse impact they have, where overlap. Here the most likely to occur the accident, sick people. Very risky to build large buildings and industrial facilities to place in locations such as the influence and without harmful on the environment is enhanced by an order of magnitude.

According Stetsenko, second in power after the Bald Mountain toughest places in Kiev, the slope is steep bank adjacent to the Andrew Descent. On the other hand is limited to street yar Big Zhitomir. There absolutely can not build anything. Poor areas are not far from the Institute of Cardiovascular Surgery, AMS of Ukraine, near the Baikove cemetery at Babi Yar, near the area of Shevchenko.

Surprisingly, it is in the area of St. Andrew's Church and the former Tithe church adjoin the positive zone. Then an extraordinary positive energy, its peak, and near a sharp drop. How steep wave: the rise and fall, the maximum and minimum.

Something similar is observed in the Sofia area. Near the cathedral is also a pathogenic zone. Its main direction - Sophia street, going down to Independence Square, and the branches go under the building of the Main Department of Internal Affairs (Vladimir, 15) and a building under construction hotels. In this place a lot of underground voids - this ancient man-made tunnels and voids, washed groundwater.

The fact that Sophia area of geopathic zone, and confirm the facts of the history of independent Ukraine. In 1993, there fanatical sect of the "White Brotherhood" were going to make a "doomsday" and they crucified Christ Maria Devi. Police and psychiatrists are difficult to stop this insane action. A July 18, 1995 in the area took a bloody slaughter between the "Berkut" and the crowd had come to the funeral of the patriarch of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Kiev Patriarchate), Volodymyr (Romaniuk). Head of the UOC-KP and buried on the sidewalk near St. Sophia Cathedral.

Another "brilliant" unfavorable location of the capital is located between the Mariinsky Palace and the Verkhovna Rada. Specialists from different authorities warned that it is impossible to build high-rise buildings. Therefore, recently, a scandal erupted around the construction of "trump" flats at ul. Grushevskogo 9-a. Now nobody knows what to do with this house - whether to disassemble, or blow up, or demolish the half. Even if you decide to leave the building, bio-energy state that tenants are doomed to exacerbation of chronic disease and general malaise.

In recent years, due to anthropogenic pressures intensified (ie, the energy parameters of steel above) geopathic zone, starting in the Central department store, which is located on the right Kreshchatik and Independence Square, stretching to the Mariinsky Palace, and then along the Dnieper to Poznyaki.

Those who visited the ancient temples of Kiev could see firsthand the people who stand with arms outstretched and "charged" with energy. Especially popular with psychics enjoys Hagia Sophia. If you talk to the grandmother who oversee the visitors, the museum staff member willing to tell you what the saint from which heals and how to fresco "recharge" the miraculous power.

The second such "battery" for psychics is Vladimirskaya Gorka. Vladimirskaya Gorka - a holy place with pre-Christian times. In ancient times there were pantheon of pagan gods, they prayed, asking for health and luck. Then in place of pagan temples appeared Christian churches. Stood there, in particular, and Trehsvyatitelsky-Vasilyevskaya church. Basil it was called because the Christian name of Prince Vladimir was Vasily. Now there is a monument to the Baptizer of Rus.

Caution on the road!
Of particular danger is geopathic zone for drivers. Often the roads are laid on Energy "faults" - where nothing can be built. In Kiev, has revealed fourteen most accident-prone zones. In these areas most likely to occur the accident and people are dying:

Zhulyansky overbridge on the Great Ring Road. Powerful geopathic zone, which occupies a large space.
Victory Avenue (near house number 142). Geopathic zone.
Intersection of Forest Avenue with street Bratislava.
Povitroflotskyi avenue, near house number 78. One of the branches Zhulyanskoy anomalous zone.
Prospect of Reunion (near the house number 7).
The intersection of Avenue of Science and the Metropolitan Highway. Lysogorskaya pathogenic zone.
Prospect of Truth (near house number 64). Edge geopathogenic zone.
Railway Station and the intersection of the streets of Kharkov highway. Geopathic zone.
Intersection Pushkin and Taras Shevchenko boulevard. Geopathic site.
The intersection of Prospect Street and Vatutina Balzac. Geopathic site.
Plot Brovarskiy Prospect metro station, "water park". Edge geopathogenic zone.
The intersection of Prospect Street and the Red Cossacks Lajos Havre.
Intersection O. Teligi and Shchusev. Edge geopathogenic zone Babi Yar.
Intersection of the Comintern and Shevchenko boulevard.

... It is skeptical of mystical information bioenergetics and geophysicists. But worth to remember that better safe than sorry.
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