"My house - my fortress": Myth and Reality

20.01.2011 00:04
Articles about real estate | "My house - my fortress": Myth and Reality In this phrase, which became the cruise, is the author - English jurist Edward Coke, who wrote it in the comments to that part of the medieval English law, which refers to the inviolability of the home.

Indeed, Europe has a long safety culture, and protecting the family home is given maximum attention. However, citizens of our country in no hurry to adopt the European tradition: in Russia, only about 2% of real property protected by burglar alarms. This is partly explained by the lack of awareness and misconceptions about modern security systems, partly - nonchalance towards their own home. Let's try to understand together.

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Myth number 1. Probability apartment theft is minimal. Even if it happens, most of what I will not have the - a couple of things, it's not the same burglar can carry away everything.

It is best to illustrate the real situation Stats MIA. Every 3 minutes in Russia is burglary. This is one of the most common and trudnoraskryvaemyh crimes. The subject of criminal violations can be anything - from expensive electronics and jewelry to the ravioli from the refrigerator. This spread is connected with the fact that most of the burglaries committed by non-working citizens - the homeless, teenagers, alcoholics, drug addicts. These are people with extremely fragile psyche, their behavior is totally unpredictable. Maybe they will not cause you great material damage, but will present a threat to your safety and that of your loved ones.

Myth number 2. Steel door with strong locks and bars on the windows will protect my house from any intrusion. Why do I need security?

Indeed, strong doors and grilles create a barrier to intruders, but did not give 100% guarantee against infiltration. They can stop the casual fans to profit at the expense of others, but professional thieves, burglar, to cope with such protection is quite real. Access intercoms and concierges, who bear no liability for the perfect in your apartment robbery, much less become an obstacle for them.

World experience in dealing with burglary speaks in favor of installing alarm systems with connection to the round the clock control room and rapid response to alarms. Their effectiveness is confirmed by statistics: the thieves discover that the house is guarded, in 7 out of 10 cases disappear from the scene, unable to inflict harm.

Myth number 3. Safety - it's expensive: costs can "eat" a tangible part of the family budget.

Cost of the class "smart home" is little more than 30 000 rubles. In absolute terms, the sum may indeed seem rather big. However, if you descend to the apartment thieves or home accident to happen, the damage would be incomparably greater. Also, is it possible to estimate the monetary value of your own life and your loved ones? With regard to subscription fees, it is comparable with your payments for mobile phone. The price of issue - 26 rubles per day, less than $ 1. And these funds will be provided round the clock monitoring of your home and rapid response in case of real threat.

Myth number 4. The security system protects homes in my absence, but not effective in the case of an open attack intruders

In fact, modern security system provides several ways to emergency communications in situations that threaten your personal safety or that of your loved ones. Firstly, if you are forced to make disarm the system, it provides a so-called feature a password under duress. " Secondly, the signal will alert emergency button located on the control panel, and a miniature transmitter-stick, which is worn on the arm or neck. One press of a button - and Segal alarm will be sent to the dispatching center. Third, you can set up protection zones themselves (eg at night to leave the guarded perimeter around the house). Fourth, the possibility of connecting video, which will see the arrival of strangers in advance.

By installing a security system, you will discover a whole new meaning of the phrase "feel like home." Today it is the same attribute of modern man, like a cell phone or computer with which to create the zone of comfort, harmony and security for you and your family.

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