Mutual funds, gold and real estate have become the most profitable fininstrumentami

14.01.2011 09:42
Articles about real estate | Mutual funds, gold and real estate have become the most profitable fininstrumentami In 2010, to protect against inflation and help to increase personal savings could fininstrumenta three: invest in mutual funds, gold and Moscow real estate, such a conclusion does Center for Macroeconomic Research and Strategic Studies (TSMEI) of BDO in Russia.

Ranking of savings instruments in the real ruble profitability in 2010 led the Open-end mutual shares (weighted average yield from 169 funds was 22.79%, adjusted for inflation). Among the most profitable fininstrumentov in 2010 as depersonalized metal accounts (CBOs) in gold (19.66% per year), OUIF mixed investment (average real ruble rate of return at 9.7%) and bonds (weighted average real return on ruble - 4 , 69%), residential real estate in Moscow (4.2%).

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Conservative savings instruments (most of bank deposits and cash in foreign currency) in the past year have shown disappointing results: they are the real ruble rate of return was negative, according to the study.

Cash savings in dollars and euro depreciated by 7.39% and 14.57%, which again confirms that the worst investment strategy is to abandon the investment.

Most of the population that keeps their savings in a bank deposit and loses - this time through no fault boosted inflation, but because of the massive decline in 2010 banks deposit interest rates, the study said. In January 2010, the weighted average rate of annual deposits in rubles in the 15 largest banks accounted for 8.14%, below the annual inflation rate. Moreover, by the end of 2010 the rate dropped to 5.17%, making deposits in rubles unattractive.

Foreign currency deposits also disappointed their owners due to the strengthening of the ruble against the euro at 7.04% and a weak dollar strengthening (at 0.77% against the ruble), and also because of very low interest rates, the report said.

"Overall in 2011 can expect to reduce the overall level of profitability for most instruments, and the precious metals market will continue an upward trend. The stock market in early 2011 will also show a positive trend against the background of the conservation policies quantitative easing the world's leading central banks," - according to the study TSMEI.
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