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Picture: Musicians do not need a lift It turns out to sell an apartment, you need to know what is professionally engaged in its potential buyer.

For sale was put flat. In the city center, on the Petrograd. All great, but only one minus overrides all others. Demand for it there, because located on the top floor, no elevator. Owners, to not build illusions, once said: either reset the price, or tune into a long wait. Perhaps before the end of life.

All of what happened. The flat one was not especially interested. But there were three very interesting call, one of which turned out to be decisive.

The first caller was an artist. He was interested in the issue is closely associated with creativity: is it possible to buy an apartment with a loft. He explained that there is no interest in the apartment he had just disappeared.

Should call the agency had favor. He wisely asked, all he liked, all suits. Remaining details.
- Where are the windows open the apartment? - Asks.
- At the bottom of a magnificent park, the eye rejoices! - In anticipation of a successful outcome joyfully tells realtor.
Client at once prigoryunilsya:
- Well, there are no roofs next?
- No, just a luxurious park.
Who would have thought that the client was very professional in the field of mountaineering. No mountains to him, you see, can not. Even in a city apartment. Or his dad - Carlson, who lives on the roof?

Third called his wife - the musicians. They have another problem. Musical style in which they play, like maybe ten people around the world. Rehearse impossible: only they are playing as the upper deck begins to beat on batteries "competing with the team." So look for an apartment to over them uninhabited. Pigeons live? They uzhivemsya! Here are a musician and bought this apartment. To everyone's delight.

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