Munich villa Gaddafi's youngest son put up for sale

31.10.2011 07:30
Munich villa youngest of seven sons of Libyan dictator Muammar Qaddafi, a 29-year Saif al-Arab, who died on the night of May 1, 2011 as a result of air strikes, NATO, put up for sale, the newspaper reported on Friday Sueddeutsche Zeitung.

The villa is located on Pintsenauer Strasse in the Bogenhausen - this is one of the finest in Munich. Previously, large villa belonged to the banker, who for two years of rebuilding, but never entered the house.

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Instead, he sold it to a real estate dealer, Detlef von Wangenheim, a specialist in expensive homes and lots.

Living area villa - 540 square meters. In March 2009, von Wangenheim sold it to the Libyans for 8 million euros.

Officially, the villa has been recorded as a second residence Saif al-Arab, the other Waldperlach he had another villa. It is reported however, that the younger Gadhafi in the house never lived.

According to the newspaper previously reported that the Transitional National Council (PNC) Libya plans to open a consulate in the house, but apparently it is not. New Ambassador of Libya, Dr Ali Al-Kotani is still only a temporary representative, and his predecessor, who signed a contract to purchase the villa, was fired in August.

In the German Foreign Ministry's plans to place the Libyan consulate in the building while it is not known.

Von Wangenheim broker wants to sell the building again, the resolution of this he has received from the Gaddafi last year. The villa renovated to taste Saif al-Arab. The floors of 10 rooms are painted in black and the walls are decorated with gold. According to the publication, to find a buyer for this property will be difficult.

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