Multiple sale or lease

<div style="text-align: justify;">  In this case, fraudsters sell or rent one and the same object to several persons who have received from all of their money. Technology committing the fraud is as follows: rogues are duplicates, make fake title documents and fake passports. It should be noted that the owner of real estate often comes in a criminal conspiracy with the fraudsters, and then pretend to be a victim, although in practice this fact is very difficult to prove lawful methods. There are two main groups of scams on multiple sales:<br /><br />   Transactions on the market buildings. The specificity of the mass market and elite new buildings is that company-builder or scam artists, acting on its behalf, offering to make money for housing even before the House passed the State Commission and registered in the registering and operating organizations. The result is a typical case "in the evening - money, in the morning - housing", so unscrupulous developers have an incentive to sell the same apartment in several different places. In addition, housing is not offered by traditional, but by building addresses such as "Projected Passage 3420, Block 6B, block 3, section 4, floor 16, the third door on the right."<br /><br />   Of course, this leads to many abuses, the most benign of which is interest-free scrolling received funds from customers to further their return or providing other, less liquid flats. Also practiced multiple sales for "secondary" market. As stated above, attempts to "repeatedly" to dispose of their property are making not just professional crooks, but the citizens - owners of the objects.<br /><strong></strong></div>
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