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10.11.2013 00:45
Articles about real estate | Multi level of life Multistandard complexes today occupied their niche in the market. What are the prospects expect? Multi-format projects - it's townships or residential developments, which combine detached houses, townhouses , apartments , etc. This segment is now being actively developed , and there is every reason to think that he was waiting for a good prospect.

Why then appeared multiformat ?

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The emergence of such projects is not related to fashion, but with the need . Specialists of the company " RealEkspo " note : " Any form of construction occurs in the presence of extensive and complex in structure area ." Multi-format - it is a compromise between the constraints existing at the construction site and the developer's desire to create the most efficient design . The developer is considering land on all sides , and selects the most optimal way of its development , so that each square meter used efficiently. This allows the balance between quality of the project and its profitability . "In addition, multingltiformatnaya construction reduces the risks of the project , focusing on different target audiences. One project attracts more customer flows , creating a synergy effect , "- experts say.

The director of "RealEkspo" Victor Kovalenko believes that served as the impetus appears crisis : "First decreased budget for the purchase of homes and sought-after area . Then it turned out that the proposal is well ahead of the effective demand for suburban real estate . Then the demand for suburban real estate in general has fallen. Moreover , denoting a very important trend - people were selling expensive houses and buying property abroad. In the new developers are looking for ways to increase sales and drew even more attention to multiformantye suburban housing projects . " This will reduce the risks by maximizing the coverage of the target audience , increase liquidity and reduce the time of implementation. In addition, such systems allow developers to get higher returns by increasing the density of development.

Types of multi-format

Most often, a multi-format project is meant suburban village at a distance of 10-20 km from Kiev, where you can buy or townhouse or apartment. However, the construction of such villages is still for developers and risks. Experts point out that , first of all, you need to choose the right plot , which in practice is a challenge. Second, the success of the project is necessary to organize the space wisely to life : robust breed traffic flows , as in the inside and at the exits . You must also ensure that future residents of leisure and social infrastructure. And, of course , the success of any country settlements largely depends on the availability of transport , as most potential buyers of this segment of the work in Kiev.

Victor Kovalenko adds that the particularly dangerous mistake in zoning area. Must be properly diluted flows of the target audience of each format . "After all, people buying a cottage or town house , count on a certain calm, stay away from the city. And the presence of high-rise buildings in the project violates several of their interests. Therefore, it is important to keep the design of each of the isolation areas. Practice shows , not all succeed . " In addition, multi-format suburban complexes , which include low-rise housing and townhouses, requires the designation of the land " for housing ," which is more expensive.

There are on the market and the city multiformat residential complexes . Their building was originally a more advantageous for the developer . First, usually such complexes are being built in the city ( 10 km ), and consequently residents have the opportunity to enjoy not only its own infrastructure , but more that was. Second, in many cities of Kyiv region is quite satisfactory Transportation: convenient access to at least one line . However, the construction of a residential complex Multi important that he answered a single style of urban development and town planning meet new standards and requirements.

Thus, the multi-format - not a fad, but a thoughtful product in demand in the market. In light of this growing multi-format development prospects for the real estate developers. In the medium term, one of the trends of the market will increase multi-format projects offering apartments as well as small individual houses, primarily townhouses and a small area of ​​a comparable budget. "
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