MRDC improve the permitting system in construction

21.10.2010 14:00
MRDC has made considerable progress in its work of improving the permit system. Significantly reduced the number of same procedures, but also held the procedure catheterization facilities. The average time of passage of licensing procedures, which was 450 days, reduced and will soon be brought to the President of Ukraine proposed 60 days. Changed flow for the investor. And together with the State Committee of Ukraine on Regulatory Policy and Entrepreneurship provided 6 times reduction in the list of activities subject to licensing.<br />Also taken concrete steps to resolve individual developers.<br />In particular buildings with total area of 500 square meters. meters can be built without design estimates, based on the construction of the passport. For their construction is no need for the state examination or obtain permission for the construction inspection Architectural, and instead began a declarative principle.<br />The state adopted a temporary order of the individual houses in operation. With only this past six months taken into service 1,6 million sq.m., 24 000 families were able to dispose of their property.<br />Thus the list of objects, examining projects which are optional, as well as permission for building works. These objects are referred to small, medium enterprises and private sector. However, this does not extend to potentially dangerous for the society objects and objects with mass stay of people.<br />In the process of drafting the Urban Planning Code of Ukraine taking into account the experience of nearly four Derzharhbudinspektsiya supports elected government at a significant rate pushes in construction.<br />To this end, put forward a proposal to introduce a so-called declarative principle of early and pre-construction, whereby the pre-construction and will be to view the customer to the Inspectorate of State Architectural and declaration of commencement of such works.<br />In turn, verifying the correctness and completeness of form information, and in the absence of comments within three days returns the customer declaration. Thus, the customer still must have title documents for land and agreed to the established order of project documentation.<br />Thus, state Architectural and get rid of the need to check and archive many different kinds of documents and transferred to the supervision of technological processes in construction.<br />If adequate control at all stages of construction works, checking the quality of their performance and building materials used procedure for the commissioning of completed construction can also be simplified.<br />To this end Derzharhbudinspektsiya proposes adoption of the completed construction of the analogy with the start of construction, ie by declaring the fact of completion.<br />Procedural it looks like this: customer inspection records submitted a declaration of willingness to object to the operation, which is the basis for registration of title to the object and connecting to it the necessary resources.<br />Implemented some recent legislative initiatives enable the Ministry to obtain the following results:<br />- Provide land for affordable housing is not an auction (simplification of land);<br />- The design is done without a building permit, previously granted by local authorities (removed the need for making decisions about the construction of some objects - local councils);<br />- Simultaneously with the design allowed the beginning of preparatory work (installation of a fence, relief planning, storage of building materials - a very significant reduction in time);<br />- Architecture and Urban Planning Council became an advisory body of the projects at its meetings is advisory and does not restrain the examination and approval of project documentation (time reduction);<br />- Project documentation, developed pursuant to the initial data does not require additional approvals from organizations that have provided their (substantial reduction of administrative pressure on clients and designers);<br />- Examination of the project estimates are on a single window, by eliminating certain co-examination and implementation of a comprehensive, one agency (less pressure on customers and reduce the time for examination, its cheaper). Thus the list of objects, examining projects which are optional, as well as permission for building works. These objects are referred to small, medium businesses and the private sector (removal of administrative barriers for investors and private sector);<br />- The list of internal finishing works, without which performance possible adoption of the houses (simplification of licensing procedures);<br />- Defined organizational and technical measures to implement the declaration principle in the construction (on the introduction of the declaratory principle in the construction instead of granting permission for construction works).<br />These steps help ensure a favorable investment climate for the conduct of construction activities and increasing the visibility on the international level.<br /><em>Victor Kovalenko<br /><a href=""></a></em><br />
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