MPs want to cancel the state certificate of land

07.02.2011 19:56
Articles about real estate | MPs want to cancel the state certificate of land In Ukraine in 2013 to repeal the state acts on land ownership. This is stated in the bill № 8077 "On State Land Cadastre", submitted to the Verkhovna Rada of people's deputies Valeriy Bevzenko (OL), Roman Tkach (OU) and Ruslan Luk'yanchukom (BYT) on Feb. 4, 2011, UNIAN reports.

According to the explanatory note to the document posted on the website of the parliament, the existence of a state certificate in principle is not consistent with the system of state registration of rights in rem in immovable property, introduced by the new law "On state registration of rights in rem in immovable property and encumbrances" because the existence of two documents that certify the ownership of the land - the state act and holding the registration of property law, is unreasonable.

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The bill proposes to include in the Law "On state registration of rights in rem in immovable property and their burdens," the changes, which provide that a decision to free provision of land the state registrar shall issue a certificate of ownership to it.

The authors of the bill believe that the introduction of this provision would align the order of state registration of rights to land with the procedures governing the registration of rights to other real estate, and greatly simplify the procedure of registration of such rights.

Lifting of the moratorium on the sale of agricultural land provides for the adoption of laws "On State Land Cadastre" and "land market".

It should be noted that the sale of agricultural land in Ukraine will be introduced in 2013 as deputy chairman of the State Agency of Land Resources Nikolai Kalyuzhny.

"By the way, Chapter 4 of the draft law of Ukraine" On the land market, namely the sale of agricultural land, according to our estimates, will be introduced from 1 January 2013 ", - said Kalyuzhny.

Moreover, he noted that the delay for another year lifting the moratorium on sale of land for farming purposes will be related to the fact that it is necessary to adopt laws of Ukraine "On Land Market", "On the Land Cadastre and necessary for the functioning of subordinate legislation.

In addition, Kalyuzhny noted that the draft law "On land market" provision excluded the possibility of purchasing land for farming purpose entities. "We have suggested that only Ukrainian citizens can buy land and acquire ownership of it," - said Kalyuzhny.

According to him, the draft law "On Land Market" provides for the establishment of the Fund of land for farming purposes, which will be subordinated to, or Cabinet, or Ministry of Agricultural Policy and Food. "The Fund will engage in repurchase the land from the citizens, if they want to sell it, in addition, the fund will be transferred about 3 million hectares of land to those citizens who have received shares, but do not use them, and have not issued the title to the land," - said Kalyuzhny .
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