Moving out of Moscow for the city: what will it cost?

22.11.2010 11:06
Articles about real estate | Moving out of Moscow for the city: what will it cost? Many Muscovites are prepared to sell the apartments and the money to get a house in the suburban town or village. The tendency of moving from the metropolis of Moscow Ring Road, which is actively growing in 2007 and 2008, now returns again. Many residents of the capital once again started thinking about the possibility of changing urban housing in countryside.

And scary, and has

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Of course, those who are dreaming of moving, who has two or more flats, a long time do not hesitate, and sell one of them and are moving out of town. The remaining floor space in Moscow is listed as a "springboard indemnity." It preserves the benefits and Moscow, and allows you to burn-in, if you lease it. But lately, more and more families began to reflect Moscow's hard to say goodbye to chadyaschimi capital and spend the rest of life close to nature. At the same time, having sold an apartment in Moscow and bought a house outside the city, they have an opportunity and a half, and then double the living space, to get a piece of their own land and breathe clean air.

True, apart from the obvious benefits, relocation entails no less obvious casualties. People of working age scare travelers difficulties when it comes to spending long hours to get to Moscow the workplace, lack of urban social infrastructure: schools, kindergartens, clinics, places of entertainment. Old people beware lose various privileges, which gives Moscow. With regard to taxes, the "village" is almost comparable with the city. Does that have to pay extra for the increased footage.

"Nevertheless, there are several categories of owners of one apartment, which can be solved to move, - says Natalya Nikolaev, director of suburban real estate agency real estate" Great reality. " - If someone has and can afford it, so it is pensioners who are not tied to a permanent job, which means that they have no need for daily travel to the city. "

"Veterans have experienced people and are willing to endure the lack of infrastructure, disruption in utilities and even the lack thereof - agrees Alexei Gusev, Commercial Director of Country Project". - Elderly people have always sought for the city, and the new trend it can not be named. Although there are some nuances: the majority of this age group of admirers of suburban life is not always strives to move away from the city. If they agree to exchange, then choose, as a rule, starodachnye places with developed infrastructure, with the obligatory presence of medical institutions. "

The second category - young and expectant mothers. The conditions under which it is supposed to raise children in the city - is a complete absence of playgrounds or impoverished their similarity. The complexity of living in the city, the conditions (or rather, lack thereof) for walks and no way to leave children unattended in the yard of his house make you think about housing for the city.

However, these supporters of the move frightening lack of medical facilities nearby. Help the child in acute emergency cases outside the city especially hard. Seek medical advice even in the cottage sometimes becomes a problem. And if a question of life solve those half-hour that you want to get to town?

Finally, the suburban way of life can afford citizens with a very high income who buy houses in the village with full infrastructure. If such is not observed, then find an opportunity to pay for the work of staff, who shortcomings of this infrastructure would be able to provide.

Clearly, for the comfortable life of modern man must have a school and a kindergarten for children, a supermarket, a sports club. In addition, a very important social component, because people need more, and communication. But the lack of such infrastructure would be able to compensate for the driver, whose responsibilities would include transportation of children in a Moscow school, purchase and delivery of needed products and goods.

And only people with an average income rarely agree on a comfortable suburban life. This occurs when the "lucky" with the towns or villages that are in close proximity to Moscow, or in-dash satellite cities.

How much does it cost?

Change the Moscow apartment on the countryside for any Muscovite forces. Even resident Kapotnya, where the cost per square meter is the lowest in the capital.

"Fork prices for 1-2-3-room apartment in a residential area or a typical pre-fabricated house ranges from 5 to 12 million rubles., - Says Natalya Nikolaev. - The money in the range 10-30 km from Moscow can be purchased except that section in the townhouse, or a modest house, sometimes without utilities.

Decent cottage in private cottage by the key for such amount and at such a distance from Moscow's almost impossible to find. " "But for 6-7 mln. That you can get a 2-bedroom apartment - adds Samir Jafarov, commercial director of 1911 Invest, - you can count on a decent cottage in a countryside village economy-which may be located within 60 km from Moscow. In this case, and the average area of a country house may already be as high as 150-200 square meters. m, and the area houses adjoining land 15-20 hectare.

However, Anton Arkhipov, head of the office "Candlemas" Department of suburban real estate company "Inkom, in this respect his opinion. Average "three-ruble note, he said, can sell for 8-10 million rubles. Find a cottage built at this price is realistic.

However, it will offer either in the area of irregular construction, or in organized cottage settlements, but in an incomplete stage, and that can not be discounted, no interior, which will have to spend more thoroughly. For the "top ten" can be found in suburban housing area of the so-called "Shanghai", but not far from Moscow.

For example, within 15 km you can find a cottage or house on Kashira, Shchelkovo or Kaluga highway. The roof with bare walls in organized townships within this amount will have to look for the 30-kilometer abroad from Moscow. However, at this distance you can find built cottage, ready for finishing, on almost all fronts. Of course, except Rublevo Assumption highway.

After selling two-bedroom apartment in the "sleeping" or two-room between the Garden and the third ring, you can easily find a country house on the secondary market. For example, in the 22 km highway Novorizhskoe family of Muscovites had bought a brick two-storey house of 165 square meters. and 6 hundred square meters of land from the wells at the site, installed electric boilers and sewers septic tanks in the house. True, the plot is in the informal settlement, therefore, no protection, no garbage collection or other benefits of the newcomers were not provided.

In most cases, nice villa for 10 million rubles. organized in the village can only be purchased without the interior trim and plumbing, which would be required and additional funds and time. As practice shows, at least a year.

Although in some cases, when in front of the owner of an unfinished country house is an urgent need to make such an exchange, or buying and quickly implement the move, settling for a temporary residence or bath guest house, unless, of course, are on the site are already available.

But we must remember that the direct exchange an apartment house on almost unreal. Typically, people wishing to buy suburban real estate, are thinking about buying it, rather than on the exchange of apartments on the cottage. In this case, the first apartment for sale, and the proceeds have already purchased suburban housing. At best, this process may take a year or two.
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