Most «skinny» house for sale UK

18.03.2011 15:35
Articles about real estate | Most «skinny» house for sale UK Object width of two meters and an area of ??93 square "resembles, rather, part of the house. However, it is not cheap -? 110 thousand

The house is located in the historic downtown Fremlingem (Suffolk, England) and is considered one of the smallest in the country. Originally the building was built as part of the steam mill, and then it was placed bookmaker, said "".

Eight years ago the object was reconstructed and turned into a residential building, compactly placed on an existing area of ??a small living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and toilet, reports Daily Mail.

"This is a unique property. It's the smallest house, with whom we have had to deal with. At the same time it is the last remaining part of the old steam mill of the Victorian era "- said a real estate agent Julie Williams.

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