Most of the people of Kiev opposes building in Kiev Hem

22.12.2013 13:00
Articles about real estate | Most of the people of Kiev opposes building in Kiev Hem 80% of Kiev oppose the resumption of construction of complex Hastie at the hem, but not against the underground museum of archeology. This was announced by the chief architect of Kiev Sergey Tselovalnik voicing public survey results for further reconstruction and recovery hem so-called " complex Geste ", part of which is the famous Contract House in the eponymous square .

According to him, more than 80 % of respondents opposed the resumption of construction of the complex, at the time of unrealized Hastie architect , as well as creating new trade here - entertainment center.

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However, when asked , would like to see at the hem Kiev underground archaeological museum with an exhibition remnants of ancient Kiev : "no" was given only 16% "yes" - 84 %.

It is known that the construction Kontraktovaya house in the classical style was carried out in 1815-17 years. designed by English architect VI Hastie and with the participation of Ukrainian architect AI Melensky , recover after the great fire Hem 1811 .

Contract building was planned as a major center of Kiev Contract Fair , in addition to the project, which was not destined to become a reality , the construction of the building was a magistrate , which was to become the dominant complex , the right of it had to stand Contract house and left - home city ​​council mail .

Several years ago, first talked about the possibility of restoring the entire architectural complex Kontraktowa Square , scheduled at the beginning of the XIX century. But according Tselovalnik , most people of Kiev called for the development and support of the historic heritage of the city , but without the modern buildings at the hem .

In addition , S. Tselovalnik shared his vision with the transformation of the modern hem Sagaydachnogo streets , which today is the main transport artery , where the lot of transit traffic in the pedestrian area with themed cafes , galleries and recreation areas .

"We no longer have the right to keep the street in such a way as it is today , as it is an area of archaeological , architectural and landscape conservation ," - said the chief architect of Kiev .
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