Most expensive residential houses in the world

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Articles about real estate | Most expensive residential houses in the world 1. Residence Antilla "

Location: Mumbai (India)

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Cost: $ 1 billion

27-storey mansion owner of an Indian company Reliance Industries, the billionaire Mukesh Ambani (Mukesh Ambani), without a doubt be considered the most expensive home planet. In the Ambani family residence no two floors - each built from different materials, different in layout and design. The six lower floors, some of which - underground, are set aside for car parking. And also for the servants of a billionaire, whose staff for universal service high-rises of almost 600 people.

At the top of the mansion is a helipad. Inside are 9 lifts. Total floor area house - about 40 thousand square meters. meters. In addition to the residence of only premises is a fitness club, swimming pool, jacuzzi, bar, rooms for yoga and dance, solarium, gym, and the "ice room" with the North fresh and artificial snow.

2. Villa Leopold

Location: Cote d'Azur (France)

Cost: $ 506 million

Manor cream-colored, standing in an area of ??20 acres with gardens, got its name thanks to Belgium's King Leopold II, who at the beginning of the XX century has bought a plot of land between Nice and Monaco, to build a summer dvorets.Odnako Leopold died, and the new owner of the plot Ogden Kodmen (Ogden Codman) adapted the land under his villa, which was built in 1931

Since then, owners of houses have changed, but the most popular mansion received during the life of the banker Edmond Safra (Edmond Safra), who liked to hold parties here and take celebrities. Guests of the residence were people such as singer Frank Sinatra (Frank Sinatra) and U.S. President Ronald Reagan (Ronald Reagan) and his wife.

The area of ??the main manor house - 2,6 thousand square meters. m. In the mansion of 11 bedrooms, 14 bathrooms. Particular impressive garden of 1200 olive, orange, lemon and cypress trees, to care for needing 50 gardeners.

3. Penthouse at One Hyde Park

Location: London, Hyde Park, Building 1 (UK)

Cost: $ 200 million

Apartments in elite residential complex opposite Hyde Park, famous not only luxurious interiors - penthouse equipped with the latest technology and innovations in the field of security. The apartment is equipped with bulletproof glass on the windows, the eye scanner and a secret tunnel for emergency evacuations near the Mandarin Hotel.

Also, apartments have well-developed infrastructure: In stock - squash courts and a wine tasting room. And also - around the clock service tenants.

4. Manor Fairfield Pond

Location: Hamptons (USA)

Cost: $ 170 million

The largest mansion in America, rising on the ocean belongs to the American investor and businessman Aire Rennert (Ira Rennert), owner of the company Renco Group. The mansion is located on 25 acres of land - a huge house has 29 bedrooms, 39 bathrooms and a pool. On the site also has 5 tennis courts and a beach.

5. Mansion Hearst (Hearst Mansion)

Location: Beverly Hills, Los Angeles (USA)

Cost: $ 165 million

Apartments media mogul William Randolph Hearst (William Randolph Hearst), built in 1926, became a cult for fans of the movie "The Godfather" - it was there filming a few scenes kartiny.No famous mansion has brought not only this fact: in 1953 here in his honeymoon visited John F. Kennedy (John Kennedy) and Jacqueline Bouvier (Jacqueline Bouvier).

The house has an area of ??nearly 7 thousand square meters. meters has 29 bedrooms and has its own disco and a theater.

6. Villa Elena Franchuk

Location: Kensington, London (United Kingdom)

Cost: $ 161 million

Until 1997, this 5-storey mansion was a preparatory school for girls. And in 2006, bought the building fund founder ANTIAIDS Elena Franchuk - daughter of former Ukrainian president Leonid Kuchma. The mansion has 10 bedrooms. In addition, there is an underground swimming pool, movie theater, several saunas, a gym and a bomb shelter. Besides all this, the house is completely autonomous.

7. Ski lodge The Pinnacle

Location: Montana (USA)

Cost: $ 155 million

The owner of this "little" ski lodge in the 10 bedrooms an area of ??nearly 5 thousand square meters. meters - the billionaire Blikset Tim (Tim Blixseth). In housing, equipped to land on 64 acres, operated heated floors - even warm driveway.

Each bathroom has a fireplace. In addition, the master boasts a wine cellar for 8,000 bottles of wine, gym, indoor pool and massage room. And on the street, next to the helicopter landing area is located its own chair lift for skiers, 4 houses for guests and outdoor pools.

8. Mansion The Manor

Location: Los Angeles (USA)

Cost: $ 150 million

This estate, built in 1991 on land at 1.88 hectares, owned by producer Aaron Spelling (Aaron Spelling) and marketed his widow, Cindy. House accommodates 123 rooms. In addition, the estate has swimming pools, sports grounds, gardens, a bowling alley. And also - Doll Museum and a room for packing gifts.

9. Mansion Updown Court

Location: Surrey (UK)

Cost: $ 139 million

This villa is considered the most luxurious in the world: of the 123 rooms 22 bedrooms and 27 bathrooms are decorated with gold mosaics.

Leads to the mansion driveway made of marble and elegant staircase. By the size of a house than Buckingham Palace: Its area is 3.7 thousand square meters. meters.

Own cinema for 50 people, bowling, squash courts, 5 swimming pools in the style of Roman baths - this house truly deserves the title of the most elegant. Besides all this he is also extremely safe.

10. Dracula's Castle (Bran Castle, Dracula's Castle)

Location: Romania

Cost: $ 135 million

Castle, put up for sale last year, was built in the late XIV century, the locals on their own and at their own expense, for which they were exempted from taxes in the state treasury for several centuries.

Nowadays, the castle is a monument of architecture, which is a museum of history and medieval art.

There is no central heating, but there are 57 rooms, furnished with various antiques: a medieval Romanian and foreign furniture and collections of weapons and armor.

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