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15.09.2010 14:34
In August this year in Moscow apartments were sold only in 156 new buildings, which is 40,1% lower than a year earlier, the company estimated Peresvet-invest.

But contrary to expectations of Realtors reduction proposals will not lead to a spike in prices: year-end housing in the capital can grow by only 4%. Formed during the crisis of pent-up demand over the spring and summer is almost satisfied, experts state.

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During the year the real estate market of Moscow for sale new construction fell by 40.1%, calculated the company "Relight-invest. So, if in August last year, the apartment sold in 260 new buildings, in August of this year - in 156 (see chart). Only in August compared with July the number of new construction declined by 15%.

According to the company "Miel" in July in the capital, housing sold in 283 new buildings, that on 0,7% less than in June. Marked reduction, according to marketer "Relight-Invest Olga Markova, due to the fact that now in the capital realized in isolated projects to build housing.

Despite the lack of supply in the primary market, contrary to the expectations of realtors prices for new housing in Moscow will remain stable. The very same "Relight-invest" notes that in August, the average apartment prices in comparison with July, increased by only 1% to $ 217.3 thousand rubles. per 1 sq. km. m. For the whole year 2010 price change occurred at the level of statistical error, adds the head of the analytical center "Inkom-real estate" Dmitry Taganov. According to him, if in January the average price amounted to 152,5 thousand rubles. per 1 sq. km. m, in August - 153 thousand rubles. per 1 sq. km. m

Decreases in supply are unlikely to excessive demand, as now, mortgages are available mainly to buyers in the secondary market, says the head of the analytical center IRN Oleg Repchenko.

Dmitry Taganov adds that the observed increase in the spring of deals have already begun to dry up in summer as pent-up demand virtually been satisfied. This conclusion is confirmed by official statistics: According to Rosreestra, in August there were 6.53 thousand transactions against 7.885 thousand apartments in July and 8.959 thousand in June.

Market participants are hoping that home prices again begin to increase significantly in early September. But last week's average price rose by only 0.3% to $ 4.46 thousand for 1 square. m (about 137 thousand rubles.), said Oleg Repchenko. He predicted the end of this year, the cost of housing in the capital on the average can go up to the level of inflation - about 1% per month.
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