Mortgages in Ukraine will have to wait a long time

06.09.2010 12:33
Articles about real estate | Mortgages in Ukraine will have to wait a long time Mortgages in this country for a long time to wait - Deputy Minister of Regional Development and Construction Dmitry Isaenko.

Mortgages in this country we expect a very long time. Neither the Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Tigipko, nor the bankers do not see the possibility of reducing the loan interest rate to at least 16-17% per annum. This means that the developer will have problems with credit.

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In his slovpam, today the liquidity of banks - around 70 billion UAH. The money banks have, but the interest rate below 22%, unfortunately, does not work. And just to get cheap loans for the construction is not possible.

Even if we, for example, we can try to attract mortgage funds, it is unlikely that today there is a borrower who will be able to maintain their legal income. Legal wages are dropped. A Standard Bank and the SMI indicate that if a person takes a loan for 20 years, its income must be at least $ 1 thousand per month. Such people have a little bit.

"I would not count much on the mortgage, because the housing market, it is 7% - is in the best years. Our people are still a huge amount of money on their hands" - said Isayenko.
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