Mortgages for the «alien»

28.04.2011 12:45
Articles about real estate | Mortgages for the «alien» Prosto, at first glance, having a European salary to buy an apartment in Ukraine, as Ukrainians working abroad and foreigners alike.

A little harder, it seems to take a foreign mortgage Ukrainians wishing to buy property abroad. What options do first and second - figured

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Ukrainian mortgages for those who are "behind the hill"

Mortgage programs of the Ukrainian banks for living abroad, as a rule, are interesting because the Ukrainians, who several years ago went to work and were able to accumulate an amount sufficient to think about buying property in Ukraine for themselves or their relatives. However, the proposals on the mortgage boom among Ukrainian banks for these borrowers are not visible. This is because the bank is difficult to assess creditworthiness of the borrower, the resident and receiving income abroad. "Solvency of these borrowers may be significantly higher than that of citizens who have earnings in the territory of Ukraine, but to confirm such income is extremely difficult," - says Elena Karpova, Head of Mortgage Plus Bank.

And in order to get a mortgage in the local bank that offers such a program, foreign Ukrainians will meet a number of conditions. "A Ukrainian living abroad may qualify for a mortgage loan only if his family is located on Ukrainian territory, the income he receives both abroad and in the home country, and in the presence of a guarantor, who will live and have an income in Ukraine ", - commented Elena Karpova.

In addition, buying real estate in Ukraine may be of interest to foreigners who believe Ukrainian real estate market promising in terms of revenue in the future. If a potential investor in the future are counting on income from rental housing or expect an increase in property prices in Ukraine, and they may well be interested in a mortgage. However, despite the fact that Ukrainian legislation does not prohibit the issue mortgage loans to foreign nationals, banks do not often offer such a service.

More readily our banks lend to resident aliens in Ukraine, especially if they already have another property in the country. "If a foreigner living and working in Ukraine, the Ukrainian in the presence of a guarantor and collateral, he can receive a mortgage", - says Elena Karpova. In some cases, a borrower will have priority even before the citizens of Ukraine. "Some banks will appreciate these customers as often expatriates (citizens of one country, working under contract in another country) are specialists in high-end, receiving income level is above average", - says Andrey Osipov, head of development and support of retail credit products the bank Khreschatik.

However, not everything can be so smooth, because the bank on the other side of the scales are always high risk. "There are certain risks that a foreigner may leave the country without paying on the loan, which carries a significant financial loss for the bank", - said Andrei Osipov. A case of foreigners because of mortgage loans in Ukraine can be considered as private rather than mass.

Even harder to have those aliens who are not residents of Ukraine. "In accordance with the National Bank of Ukraine № 279 dated 06.07.2000 was, in the case of credit operations with non-resident bank account of the allowance for credit risks will only accept the property rights for cash or registered certificates of deposit, real estate or bank guarantees, which have official credit rating not lower than "investment grade". In turn, the property must be located on Ukrainian territory and belong to the property rights to non-resident or guarantor ", - says Andrey Osipov. So that the foreign national is not resident in Ukraine for a mortgage will have to at least acquire Ukrainian surety and appropriate collateral in Ukraine.

Find a bank with a program for mortgages for those living abroad is not easy: of the 20 banks, which inquired, none of the current program is not - but some may consider the application in private. However, we found one existing program of this kind of Privat: here the people of Portugal offer to issue a loan to buy real estate in Ukraine. In this case, the loan servicing is carried out in the Portuguese branch of the Bank and all documents on housing promises to draw in Ukraine on the power of attorney to relatives or friends, so that, theoretically, the borrower does not even have to leave Portugal. We decided to learn more about the conditions for such a loan, because neither the Ukrainian nor the Portuguese sites credit conditions were not available.

However, in the first stage we were disappointed: the girl in the online consultation said that under this program, the bank provides loans only to citizens of Ukraine who are in Portugal. Figuring that even in this case, the program may be of interest to Ukrainians living abroad, we asked conditions. We were told that the mortgage is granted on the general conditions (nominal rate - 18% pa in UAH, 30% advance, up to 20 years, repayment equal installments), but not on any, but only to the collateral property was confiscated by the bank. For more detailed information regarding the required documents we recommend to contact the Portuguese branch of the bank.

Turning to the on-line consultation Portuguese branch of Privatbank, we were glad the good news - "mitigate conditions" on the loan. We were told that citizenship to get a loan do not matter, the main condition - work in Portugal. Also, we learned that real estate loans issued in euros under the nominal rate of 12% per annum for a period of up to 20 years. For more information, to provide abandoned, said they could tell the details only on the phone. In Portuguese, the same branch is the paperwork and loan assistance. If you do not live in Lisbon, we will advise you in detail over the phone, then you can come to the department has with the required package of documents.

The main disadvantage of such a mortgage program can be assumed that the loan can be obtained only by mortgaging property, confiscated by the bank. Firstly, it significantly limits the choice of a potential buyer. And secondly, the future buyer it is important to know immediately, is sold whether or not a property voluntarily (in agreement with a borrower who is not paid on the loan), or involuntarily.

In the first case, the price will be close to the real estate market, but also the purchase procedure will be simple enough. "In this case the purchase and sale is held during the day and virtually no different from the normal real estate purchase", - says Alexey Vuyko, director of the department for work with troubled assets of individuals VAB Bank.

If the property is sold by court order, the price may be lower than the market, but potential buyers will have to compete for it at auction. "Buying a property at auction through Ogiso, should be prepared for a lengthy procedure of registration of all necessary documents, as well as close cooperation not only with the debtor and the bank, but also with the executive service, with all the bureaucratic procedures, so that the buyer should stock up on good patient "- says Alex Vuyko.

In this case, patience will be reserved not only buyers wishing to purchase real estate without having to leave Portugal, but his trustee in Ukraine, which will occur through the execution of all documents. In addition, the lack of an auction sale in Ukraine in the fact that the results of trades can challenge the court that at least can spoil the nerves, as well as a maximum - to deprive you have purchased housing (money back, of course).

However, as you might guess, the above features relate to the purchase of real estate collateral from banks in any case - and not just referred to our program.

Foreign mortgages for Ukrainians - real

Of course, every Ukrainian, not decided to "housing problem", dreams of European interest rates on mortgages at 4% -7% per annum. However, such plans are still a utopia: loans to buy real estate in Ukraine, foreign banks do not give our countrymen. But a European loan to buy property abroad is quite real, though not under such an attractive interest rate. "Loans in European banks for Ukrainian consumers are even real. In this case, the key performs the desired object of purchase. It is not necessary to live and work in the country where you want to buy real estate. The difference for residents and nonresidents of the country only in the interest rate on the loan for the local, it is usually lower than for foreigners, "- says Maria Konovalenko, director of Mitropa Ukraine", which sells real estate in Europe. In most cases, to obtain a mortgage abroad can expect the Ukrainians with a stable income, ready to make up to half the cost of housing in advance.

One of the most attractive countries for Ukrainian investor, investors in real estate or just want to purchase a "visiting" a small house for vacation - Bulgaria. Housing prices are not higher than Ukrainian, but mortgage rates are much lower. In addition, Bulgaria is liberal enough to grant mortgage loans to foreigners. "Procedure for Bulgaria is quite simple and does not take much time. Need a passport, to the desired object of purchase, the income statement. After review of the documents within 2-3 months, the bank is ready to issue a loan to buy real estate. Typically, the loan amount does not exceed 50% of the purchase price. Credit is given in euros for 5-10 years at 10% per annum, - says Maria Konovalenko.

Among liberal on the mortgage lending of the experts also called Spain. "Spain - the most liberal country to non-residents wishing to buy property. Buyer must pay 30% of property value and pay tax (7% tax on the purchase of a notary +). In Spain, non-residents of the European Community banks give mortgages for up to 20-30 years at 5% per annum (as in all EU countries). Time obtaining a mortgage loan is two or three weeks "- said Maria Konovalenko. Applicant for credit will need to provide a bank certificate of employment in Spanish showing wage in euro. According to experts, an adequate salary level - 3 000 euros.

Much more difficult to have those who decided to buy a home in the Czech Republic. To get a mortgage in the Czech bank, a foreign citizen must have a permanent residence in this country. Our compatriots out of this situation is also a registered company (legal entity) in the Czech Republic. And the bank takes into account only the income of the potential borrower, which were obtained in the Czech Republic or the EU. If these questions have already been resolved, then you can expect a credit of up to 15 years at a nominal rate of 6-7% per annum amounting to 50% of the value of the acquired property. Decision by the bank takes up to three months. In addition to interest, you will need to pay the bank charges (about 2% of the cost of credit) and life insurance (from $ 18 a month), and also services the mortgage broker.

Possible purchase of real estate loans and in other European countries, but each of them Ukrainian borrower will have to deal with their bureaucratic niceties. "In France, more complex, the banks want to see the receipt of money from the accounts in European banks. In Switzerland, Austria, Greece, before getting a loan, you must obtain permission from the municipal authorities for the purchase of real estate ", - says Maria Konovalenko. However, according to experts, even some difficulty in correct approach may not be a serious obstacle to buying property in these countries.


Andrei Osipov, head of development and support of retail credit products the bank Khreschatik

Ukrainians living abroad can get a mortgage in the Ukrainian bank. These customers are the bank's more risky than the employed on the territory of Ukraine, but in case of confirmation of the stability of ability to pay, the bank will issue the loan. It is also important stated goals of the loan, their adequacy. For example, a customer who lives in another country is unlikely to need a mortgage or a car in Ukraine.

Difficult to judge the location of banks' lending to Ukrainian citizens in neighboring countries, but theoretically such a possibility. Ukrainian, who has permission to seek employment in neighboring countries, can receive a credit in a bank in this country.

If the Ukrainian works and lives in our country, the loan in another country, he can only get by working with a consulting firm that will serve a communicative role between the foreign bank and a citizen of Ukraine. As far as we know, there are offers important requirements, which may put forward a European bank - a guarantee of a citizen of the country where you plan to get a loan or guarantee of one of the ten largest banks in Ukraine, for which the latter would require a highly liquid collateral. Also a prerequisite to registration of the loan agreement with the Ministry of Finance and the NBU.

Elena Karpova, Head of Mortgage Plus Bank

Under the conditions prevailing today, the situation in the mortgage market, banks that provide mortgages, particularly suited to careful assessment of credit quality and, as a rule, do not take into account the income earned abroad because of their extremely difficult to confirm.

With regard to the pitfalls of buying real estate collateral at the bank site, then, in my view, these risks are identical risk selection of real estate sites real estate agents and brokers. Buying any property is implied in its inspection, coordination costs, checking of legal documents - so the procedure is absolutely standard, and the principal risk - the fact that this property value may not correspond to reality, the information contained on this website - is not complete, etc.

Alex Vuyko, director of the department to work with troubled assets of individuals VAB Bank

Buying property on the site of banks, it is important to bear in mind that there are two implementation schemes of mortgages: voluntary and involuntary. Depends on this number and sequence of actions that have taken to making such a purchase, as well as the possibility of the buyer affect the value of collateral offered for sale.

The shortest way of purchase and sale involves the voluntary implementation of the pledge, when the decision to sell the collateral accepted by the bank and the borrower - the owner of the property - by mutual consent.

In the case of enforcement can certainly count on the fact that the facility will be able to get a little cheaper than the market - the price of collateral is determined by an independent expert, and often, though not always, it is set below market prices. However, it is worth considering that these "lots" offered for sale through an auction to raise prices - according to the Law of Ukraine "On Enforcement Proceedings".

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