Mortgages easier to get friends of bankers and bank employees

19.01.2011 11:13
Articles about real estate | Mortgages easier to get friends of bankers and bank employees Familiar top managers of banks and bank employees have the best chance of obtaining a mortgage loan should be from the materials of Penny Lane Realty, were top-10 occupations, the holders of which lenders more willing to just give the money to buy housing.

As indicated in the study, special, close to the bank, ranks first in the list of applicants for mortgages.

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"Any customers from the chairman, deputy chairman of the bank and the other close to the bank's management, regardless of profession and occupation, have a head start. The main thing - roast along with the head of the bank's barbecue at his house on the ruble so good to drink alcoholic beverages, then all the requirements of the bank's borrower overweening and he immediately becomes the most favorite customer, "- say realtors.

To second experts put the bank employees, regardless of whether the same whether the bank employee and creditor banks.

"... Bankers are well aware of their market, have a bunch of insider information and therefore can easily predict the customer's solvency. Do not forget that the banking market is crowded and if you wish, you can easily" make inquiries "about the borrower," - noted in Content Penny Lane Realty.

Completing the top three professions, the holders of which are banks more willing to give loans, employees of large commodity companies, which, judging by the characteristics of Realtors, the maximum stable value their reputation, have an exceptionally high official incomes.

According to experts, rather willingly banks give loans for housing employees of state corporations, representatives of intelligence services, journalists and public men, for example, show business figures.

In this case, as explained in the study, if we take a positive decision on applications for mortgages from the secret service forces bankers desire "not to have problems," then in favor of the "stars" and journalists, as a rule, says that for this category of borrowers, as for anyone else, it is important unsullied name.

"They value their name, reputation. Do not let the delay, if it happens that something was wrong, the bank will run themselves, peacefully and quietly settle the matter" - experts say.

Finally, closing at Penny Lane Realty list of professions, representatives of which have virtually 100 per cent chance of getting a mortgage, employees of foreign companies, employees of financial companies and representatives of health and education systems.

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