Mortgages: cheap but angrily

06.10.2010 13:29
Articles about real estate | Mortgages: cheap but angrily Mortgage 30% - the minimum payment on the mortgage loans in the "secondary housing in September.

Loans to such advance payment offered to three banks. Mortgages fell significantly in September. To increase the volume of lending, banks in the early fall lower interest rates on loans to purchase real estate in 0,5-8 subsections (up 18-26% annually).

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Sergei Mishta Chairman of the Board JSC Brokbusinessbank "among the major factors affecting the dynamics of the September rates on mortgages, depreciation allocates resources attracted by the banks as well as increasing competition in the market (in September, the list of financial institutions that issue mortgages, joined the Bank" Tavrika , CB "Finance and Credit), writes the power of money.

However, the efforts of bankers were particularly impressed by the potential borrowers are not made. According to observations by Tatiana Nadtochy, director of retail business JSC Erste bank, in September, the volume of mortgage loans were at the August performance.

Valentine Kolomiets, director of consulting company "Antares", among the leading causes of low demand for mortgages is called not so much the order of rates, as the severity of additional conditions for loans secured by real estate: "Do not hurry to grow up real terms of lending in September they were 10-15 years old . But most of all scares off potential borrowers initial contribution, which is not lower than 30%. "

Another deterrent to growth in mortgage lending, according to experts, is still the limited choice of housing in new buildings for the simple layman: "To date, construction company in cooperation with banks offering credit program mainly for the purchase of the spacious apartments in the prestigious residential complexes. In this case, social housing, which before the crisis is increasingly in demand among borrowers remain out of affiliate programs.

As a result of partnership loans "primary" while the most inexpensive on the market (15-20% per annum), but still not claimed. According to Sergei Mishta, end of year rate of decline in rates on loans in the primary market will be minimal (maximum -0,5-1 PP).

On the secondary mortgage market forecasts of experts are more optimistic: "A further depreciation of the resources in this segment of the emergence of new participants will contribute to a gradual softening conditions of a mortgage (lower real interest rates, increase the length of the loan)."

True, other mortgage terms to the beginning of next year will not be substantially changed. Likely will remain quite stringent requirements for the size of the initial payment (30-50% of property value), to estimate the solvency of the borrower and to the evaluation software.

This contributes to high risk mortgage lending as well as a thorough review of banks' approaches to crediting of physical persons, who, after receiving a negative experience during the crisis became more balanced.

Natalia Matsievsky, head of credit policy of "Platinum bank" - In September of mortgage conditions have improved, there was a small decrease in interest rates and the increase of the boundary term lending. Several players are also abolished the additional fees (for the issuance of money from the account, account opening, etc.), which indirectly influenced the rise in the cost of credit (for more details - see "Myself investor", "HP» № 39. City).

Well as more banks introduce credit programs with "floating" rate tied to either the NBU discount rate or the volume weighted average deposit rate on the bank. However, the desired recovery in the market in September observed. Continue to be committed individual transaction.

In the future, due to possible positive changes in the financial sector, mortgage rates on the secondary market will continue to decrease (to 18-19% per annum to the end of the year). But in the primary market interest rates fall is expected. Most likely, this segment will dominate lending program "under the builder", where the rate of sale of unfinished stimulates.

Love Slobodenyuk, CEO KreditSvіt "- Saying that the the mortgage market perked up considerably sooner. Rates, despite the September decline, is still high, and requirements to potential customers rather rigid, with a number of limitations.

As a result, potential borrowers are in no hurry to execute real estate loans on existing conditions. On the other hand, banks are not willing to improve conditions and develop a mortgage because of the lack of cheap financing, and high levels of problem loans.

Until the end of the fall should not expect large changes in the conditions for mortgage products on a fairly risky for banks to the primary market (reduction of interest rates on credit - a maximum of 1 percentage point),. Also, do not expect significant changes in interest rates on mortgage secondary market (maximum possible reduction - 1,5 ap). According to our forecasts, by year's end especially did not improve and other conditions of loans.
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