Mortgage reborn after the paying customers and demand

12.01.2011 17:07
Articles about real estate | Mortgage reborn after the paying customers and demand Speaking of mortgages today, it is, rather, to increase the number of banks, which claim the existence of a mortgage, just to expand their product lines. This opinion was expressed Krzysztof Kuzhbik, board member of the retail banking business PJSC Bank Forum.

Banks. To give the exact number of finuchredzheny which issue mortgages, now is difficult. Many banks have yet to announce a mortgage or are developing mortgage programs.

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Requirements of banks to the level of initial payment for the last year have not changed significantly. However, their reduction will be only after the stabilization of the market and the beginning of growth in property prices.

Purchase of objects on the secondary real estate market today, several other banks rather than buying housing in new buildings. In operations on the secondary market, we are talking about the mortgage finished housing, while in the primary - only on property rights to the object that will be built in the future. Potential buyers attracted by the fact that housing put into operation, and hence there is no risk of unfinished construction.

Another reason for the popularity of the secondary market lies in the fact that today there is a demand mainly in the flat category "Economy." And they are more widely available is the "secondary housing. After all new buildings, which are now dealt face-up, began to be erected in the pre-crisis period and planned as the housing of a higher class - and the cost per square meter, and the area flats.

Mortgage terms. Also important are differences in the conditions of the mortgage. Typically, the primary market of home purchase loans to banks in specific sites, construction progress which themselves control. Whereas the "secondary housing" potential borrower the opportunity to select an object on its own.

Prognosis. In today's conditions to predict when mortgage lending will be released on pre-crisis level, is not easy. On re-mortgage it will be possible only after the appearance of a sufficient number of paying customers, demonstrating the robust demand for real estate.
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