Mortgage rates return to pre-crisis level in a year

15.09.2010 15:23
Mortgage rates return to pre-crisis level in a year Andrew Onistrat, head of the supervisory board of the bank "National Credit, predicts lower interest rates on loans for housing within a year.

"If everything is stable, the rates (on mortgages - Ed.) Reached pre-crisis levels after 9-12 months. If any force majeure, such as significant currency fluctuations, the process may be delayed ", - said Andrei Onistrat.

According to the banker, mortgage development rests on two conditions. "First, we need lower rates. Not more than 15% per annum on loans and, consequently, on the order 9-10% of deposits. And this is possible under the most optimistic scenarios, not earlier than six months. Well, and, secondly, it is necessary that the housing market started to grow. Last question, however, depends partly on the implementation of the first. What does not add optimism ", - A. Onistrat, informed" Investgazeta.
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