Mortgage in Ukraine in 2012 will grow by 9%

21.12.2011 00:45
The volume of mortgage loans in Ukraine in 2012 is projected at 3.8 billion USD, which is 8.6% higher than expected this year, experts say Ltd. "FC Center for Financial Decisions" (TM "KreditMarket").

Results of the study the prospects of the credit market countries were represented leadership "KreditMarket" during a press conference on Tuesday.

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The company expects that the volume of mortgage loans in the current year will increase over the previous year by 55.6%, but note that the absolute volume of lending remains low: in 2010 it was handed over to the loans of 2.25 billion UAH in 2011 is expected to issue 3.5 billion USD, whereas in 2008 - 27.8 billion UAH.

"In France, Italy - Four years is enough average inhabitant of the capital to buy an apartment in the capital (based on the ratio of the average cost of apartments in the capital to the average salary of a resident of the capital) ... In Ukraine this figure is equal to 22 years. That is 90% of the population in the near future can not afford to get an apartment on credit ", - said Chief Operating Officer" KreditMarket "Vladimir Kompaniets.

The company estimates that in 2012, mortgage loans will be taken mainly by those who do not have to buy 25-35%, and who expects to repay the loan within a few les

In this case, the average effective interest rate on mortgage loans (including all additional fees and other payments) projected to be within 24-27% per annum in hryvnias (nominal rate - 17-20% per annum).

According to materials of the company, issuing consumer loans in 2012 will increase by 15% - to UAH 92 billion, whereas in the current year is expected to be $ 80 billion USD (2008 - 123 billion USD).

As the CEO, "KreditMarket" Igor Duritsky, in 2012 banks will continue to work on improving the quality of risk management for fear of a second wave of crisis: the financial institutions will, among other things, extremely rigorous approach to assessing the quality of borrowers.

The banks will be challenged to the next change of approach to distribution channels: a choice between expanding partnerships with other financial institutions or reduced network. In addition, according to him, in 2012, will inevitably increase the commissions of banks in order to improve the profitability of transactional operations.
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